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You’re losing 2 hours a day. Learn how to find them.

March 20, 2014

Time ManagementDo you wish there were more hours in a day?

I do, too, and that’s why I was so delighted to interview Leslie Hassler, the Business Strategist & Time Leverage Stickler.  With her time management tips and strategies, she helps women entrepreneurs stop being a slave to their business, take control, and live life on their own terms.

As you’ll hear in this interview, it became a little embarrassing for me, as each time management tip Leslie gave showed me what I was doing wrong.  You might enjoy listening in on the moment when I realize that I used to plan my grocery shopping better than I now plan my time in running two businesses!

Here’s the interview — Enjoy!    http://tinyurl.com/LeslieHassler

Click to play:

Leslie also runs two 6-figure businesses, so she knows what she’s talking about.  Her business, Your Biz Rules™, helps you get control of your time, strategize your business plan, and internalize the time management tips and rules so that you have more time to spend with your family and doing the things you love.

Leslie also has a gift for my readers, her Your Biz Rules™ Starter Kit, complete with a quiz, “Is Your Biz Running Your Life?” and the “Top 10 Rules for Your Business” checklist.  

Click here to get your free gift, and to get some hours back in your day!



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