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Wow. Wow. and Wow. I presented at Wealthy Thought Leader!

June 1, 2011

I presented Finish Agent for the first time today at the Wealthy Thought Leader Event.  What an incredible experience!  First of all, the support and love I felt — from all the people that I already knew and loved and the new friends I had made during the first couple of days — was awesome.  I barely felt nervous once I got up there because of the atmosphere in the room.  Andrea Lee, who created and runs the Wealthy Thought Leader Conference, knows how to make an environment that is warm and thought-provoking.  I highly recommend that you attend her next conference (it won’t be for a year), if you like to be presented with speakers who make you think and who spark new ideas.  This is the third time I attended but the first time I presented.

Andrea Lee

The choice of speakers is ingenious.  Andrea purposefully guides you through opening up your mind to new possibilities, then presents speakers who show you how to be more creative, take steps to succeed, use innovative models and to create your own.  Then she has speakers who give you pragmatic information you need, such as Carol Roth of The Entrepreneur Equation, who reminded us to keep our business exit strategy in mind while building our business (selling the business is a favorite topic of mine). Other speakers helped with the mental blocks that stop us from letting our “genius” and the “artist” in us come forth.  We had an incredibly handsome and talented singer and photographer named Josh De Rox, who has very innovative and profitable business models that he implements worldwide. Breakthroughs were happening right and left.  It’s remarkable how Andrea knows how, in her talks between speakers, to meld it all together so that you keep growing and getting it.  She gives nice little thought exercises that move you on to the next step.  Andrea Lee is an intuitive genius, and it’s an honor to be in her presence.

I got a wonderful response from the room, in terms of their engagement with me while I was speaking, the feedback after the presentation, and the huge numbers of people (at least huge to me) signing up for strategy sessions afterward.  I’m going to have to work my butt off to fit all those sessions in.

The Simulcast audience added another 50% to the signups for strategy sessions.  I read their comments later on, and they were so supportive!  There is a chat going on during the conference, live, which is monitored by someone who then interacts with the speaker and audience.  Andrea Lee and Jeremie Miller have pioneered bringing this technology to conferences like this one (see www.YourEventWithoutBorders.com).

Which reminds me — I wanted to respond to concerns raised by the simulcast people that never got answered.  First, Finish Agent is very different from Jigsaw Box; so different that I can’t begin to name all the differences.  I’m sure Nicola Byrd would agree with me on this.  If you think that you may be interested in using Finish Agent, apply for a strategy session (just write me at gina@finishagent.com), and I can show you the differences.  I don’t think we’re in competition, because we’re fulfilling two different coaching needs.

Second, running groups that never end is accomplished by de-emphasizing content, at least after the initial training period.  Make the group about process, so that your clients continue to put what they know they must do into action.  Unless they are working on something that is a one-time-event in their life that they will never repeat, there are usually enough people interested in continuing.  People may come in and out of the group, but eventually it will grow bigger and bigger, and become two groups.  Then four, then eight.  Hire some coaches to help you, and the rest is history!

Third, this is not meant to work with WordPress or any other CMS.  Instead, Finish Agent replaces it (not for website or blogging purposes, but as a container for your coaching program, membership site, or group.)  It has everything that you need (I’m currently in a Mastermind that uses WishList, and our site is easier to navigate — in my humble opinion), including forums at two levels (small group and whole program), chat rooms at different levels, a Wiki should you wish to have one — a great container for evergreen content), graphing of all the measurement questions if you choose to have any, and of course, the main part of the system, the progress log where they answer daily questions and get comments that are specific to that day from their group members, and twice a week from their coach.  It might surprise those of you who aren’t used to this kind of system that most of the action happens on the progress log page.  It is much more focused on their work, their path, their purpose and what is standing in the way than is the case in most forums.

Wealthy Thought Leader Vancouver Hotel View

View from my room in Vancouver!


Well, that’s all I have energy for right now.  Thank you, all who were present, and Simulcasters (who wrote such wonderful supportive loving comments in the chat).  Mwuuuuah!  I will finish with a great sky view that I saw above the skyscrapers from my 25th floor room.  Vancouver is such a beautiful city.


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