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First, The Software and System that Inspired Finish Agent!

It all started with my Academic Writing Club.  Using the first rudimentary innovative accountability software, I started with ten academics with writer’s block.  After experiencing astounding success, these clients urged me to keep going when my first session was over.  So the Academic Writing Club grew and grew over the years.  And the reason it grew was simple:  it worked!

The results that were reported by our ecstatic Writing Club members truly shocked me.  People who had been depressed and paralyzed with anxiety about writing were finally able to be productive.  We saw lives being changed, not just through the fact that they could finally finish what they started, but because they felt so much better about themselves.

Because of the breakthrough successes we’ve had using this group accountability software and system in the Academic Writing Club, I’ve decided to make this software available for licensing!  This will enable you to bring this level of success to your clients, and have the recurring, predictable, leveraged and even passive income that I currently enjoy.  Here are some of the testimonials from the Academic Writing Club.

If you coach or work with groups who need to accomplish daily tasks to make progress on a long-term project, and would love to have pages and pages of testimonials like these, then write us for more information at Finish Agent Licensee.

Read What Members of the Academic Writing Club (Finish Agent’s Prototype, Tested for Over 4 Years) Say About Their Experience With Our Innovative Accountability Software

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A professor’s own blog post , October 24, 2009:

Chris Barthold, who is a professor, a researcher and a clinician for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, wrote the following on her blog.

Subject Line:  A quick shout out for a good self-monitoring tool.

The person who came up with Academic Ladder (http://academicwritingclub.com) is a genius. And, obviously, a behavior analyst.

You see, I am that professor. The one who teaches and neglects anything without a deadline. I needed someone to coach me.

And here it is. You check in each day with your team and talk about how your writing has gone. The team is there to provide reinforcement, and someone comments on your progress each day. There’s even a graph of your progress, and the progress of the team. How’s that for contingency management?

It’s also introduced me to the concept of using a timer to break up my day. I’m more on-task, and find myself writing much more. So, thank you, Academic Ladder!  You’re worth the investment.


“I will be signing up—this has been one of my best investments to date. As one who gives support to others as part of my job, I should have recognized the importance of finding it for myself. The little management tools, the encouragement, and the companionship were what I was lacking. Thank you so much for all of your support over these past weeks!


“I’ve also signed up. The first month has been tremendously helpful, especially in getting me to be motivated and work in discrete chunks of time.


“I am already doing MUCH better than I have in 2 years.” I am feeling really good and positive!


” …I tell everyone I know about the club. I started in August and I know the club kept me on track. I already have a few friends who are thinking of using it when they become ABD. I only wish I had known sooner.

Thank you again and thank you for the club!”

PhD Candidate, Department of History


My experience with Academic Ladder [The Academic Writing Club] has been fantastic. I set the goal of finishing an article last semester, and actually did it with the great support from the club. Thanks again for the support and encouragement.”

— A.B., visiting professor in the social sciences


“I heard about the Academic Ladder a few years ago. However, I did not take the plunge and sign up until after I received a NCFDD sponsored trial. After two weeks, I was hooked and I decided to commit to my first four-month round. I find the structure and accountability useful and I wish that I tried it years ago.”

— Assistant professor of history


“Participating in Academic Ladder [The Academic Writing Club] made it possible for me to complete my dissertation giving me the tools and support I needed to continue to put the dissertation first, throughout years of competing demands on my time and attention. The friends I made on Academic Ladder will last a lifetime!  Thank you.”

— Carla Lesh, Ph.D. History, University at Albany, State University of New York


I have looked over what I’ve accomplished this week and am proud of myself! I know that a large part of why is because I post my progress to the group every day. 🙂 This has been exceedingly motivating and I’m looking forward to what I can accomplish in the next few weeks.”


This club is just right for me. I post my progress every day and receive personal feedback from a professional coach in return. I benefit also from other writers in the club and enjoy the support we give each other.I can spend as little or as much time participating as my daily schedule allows, and I always seem to receive from the club a little bit morethan I give. Never before have I been able to sustain as steady and productive a daily writing practice as I do now.

Richard Musselwhite
Doctoral Candidate (ABD)
Religious Studies
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“I love this club. I LOVE THIS CLUB!!!!!! I don’t know if you understand me so I will say it again… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CLUB!!!!!!!!”


“I feel good that i am teaching myself to just cut the crap and get started instead of putting the task off for hours and suffering in the meantime. i have what it takes to do this and now i just need to do it.


And Now, Finish Agent Testimonials!

Testimonials From Our Alpha Testing Groups

The Alpha Groups helped us test our transition from the Academic Writing Club software to the fully customizable, updated, automated and ready-to-be-licensed system that it is today.  The phenomenal success of the alpha group participants offer proof that the Finish Agent system will help clients succeed in non-academic coaching groups


“I can see the potential for Finish Agent helping to train my lower-price point clients to be more focused, productive, and successful clients who can start to afford my higher end programs.”

“I’ve been coaching for about 17 years. As wonderful a coach as I am, I’ve learned over the years that all my brilliant ideas, suggestions, insights, and strategies don’t mean much if my clients are NOT able to get up every day and put what they are learning into focused, productive action. Like many coaches, I don’t enjoy having “accountability” conversations with my clients (Did you do x? If not, why not?), and yet, without some honest way to look at what they are actually getting done, the coaching doesn’t go anywhere. The truth is, I’ve learned over the years to be pretty focused and productive, so I am not as patient as I could be when people aren’t getting their work done. I love how Finish Agent lets me SEE who is really showing up and doing their work every day, and I love that it gives me a way to support my clients in being more productive without having to have accountability-focused calls. In fact, I can see the potential for Finish Agent helping to train my lower-price point clients to be more focused, productive, and successful clients who can start to afford my higher end programs.” Isabel Parlett, The Soundbite Shaman



“Let the tracking and accountability begin!”

I know I’m always extolling the virtues of Gina’s Finish Agent and tonight, I really can’t contain myself! I just set up the platform for my entire summer boot-camp in less than 30 minutes (next time, I’ll be able to do it in 15). I have my first call tonight and they are going to love it!! Let the tracking and accountability begin!!! [A few days later…] Since I first wrote this, my program participants have already jumped in, set up their profiles, and posted their strategic goals for the week. They are like fish to water! Kerry Ann Rocquemore, Executive Director of the National Center of Faculty Development and Diversity


“I totally recommend it.  I couldn’t imagine not using it any more now that I’ve used it.  I absolutely love it!  I love the whole idea of it!  It’s brilliant!  It’s so simple but it’s so brilliant!”

[This is a transcription of the recording that Sue made, which is available in the right hand column.] “Hi, This is Sue Paananen, and Gina Contacted me about using her Finish Agent in the initial testing group [Alpha group] to see how it worked and to get a feeling for it.   I had the privilege of using it in all three aspects of it, as the administrator of the group, as the coach of the group, and I even slipped in as a participant, to see how it was from that perspective. I’ve got to say, that I love, love, LOVE Finish Agent, and I’m so excited to continue using it. I love to use it with people I work with – helping them, coaching them, or training them, and I loved using it as a participant myself.

As the administrator it was so easy to set up, it’s so self-explanatory – very easy.  I love the graph aspect of it. I love being able to customize the questions for the people I would be working with.  I can use it with a couple of different groups for a couple of different projects that they’re working on and change the questions so easily to tailor it exactly to the needs of that group.

And as the coach, when I became the coach of it, I could see how they were doing and comment on their progress – fun little comments – very simple, very easy, it didn’t take much time at all.  Links to the comments I made were sent to their personal inbox, encouraging them to come back and login again. It kept me much more in touch with what they were doing.

I can imagine when a coach has a group of people that they’re working with in a mastermind or whatever aspect, that they kind of lose touch a little bit from week to week if they only contact the people once a week or once every other week, and they don’t really see which ones are progressing and which ones are sort of dropping out of the boat. This tool allows the coach or administrator or leader of the mastermind to see exactly the progression of each of the members, and be able to serve them better and be able to contact the ones that are slipping off a little bit and lift them up a little bit, encourage them so that the client gets the most out of the program.  The coach gets to know that they’re progressing the best and know where they need help the most.

In turn, the participants get the most out of the program and are able to – despite what’s going on in their life, whatever personal issues come up – do just 15 minutes a day or 15 minutes every other day, which is very, very doable.  I love how it’s so easy to continue with baby steps along the way that never stop instead of trying to take jumps that just don’t happen because they’re too overwhelming. By getting the most out of the program of course they have the best testimonies to say about the leader of the group and are able to refer the group wholeheartedly to other peers that they have. 

Instead of another self-help type of program it becomes a very active, very dynamic group and everybody wins. I think it’s a GREAT program and I totally plan to use it throughout the rest of my business.  I can’t imagine not using it because probably 85% of the people I talk with buy things that they just don’t use.  They feel bad, it slips behind them, and they don’t get their money’s worth.  It just happens to everyone all the time.

With this program, everybody’s going to get their money’s worth out of not only this program, but whatever program they’re working on. I totally recommend it.  I couldn’t imagine not using it any more now that I’ve used it.  I absolutely love it!  I love the whole idea of it!  It’s brilliant!  It’s so simple but it’s so brilliant!”

— Sue Paananen, Online Presence Strategist



“I am really amazed by my sudden confidence I gained by participating in the program.”

“Before I participated in the Online Presence Writing Group I didn’t think that I could do enough writing. I thought I was not able to find a subject worthy to write about. But now, thanks to the habits I implemented as suggested by the Writing Group, I can write each day as I scheduled it. Now I am confident that I can improve my online visibility. I can write a blog post at least once a week, get active on my Facebook account, and start working on my Ezine articles. I am really amazed by my sudden confidence I gained by participating in the program. Thank you for your encouragement and hope you gave me.  Now it’s up to me!”

— Gosia Nowaczyk, Retirement Investment Consultant

Anonymous rave reviews by alpha testers of Finish Agent

“Even when there is no “work pressure” this process helps me stay focused on business development even when it is tempting to ‘goof off.'”

“It was a fantastic tool for me. In the three weeks I have been participating with the Finish Agent system I was able to move forward in many areas of my life. It helped me to become clearer and more focused on what was truly important.

I have had revelations about my practise, what my mission in life is and the feeling of being overwhelmed has diminished considerably. I really enjoyed the daily entries and enjoyed reading entries my group mates entered. The comments were very helpful and I will miss the system.”

“I have been able to finally determine and verbalize what gifts I am here to share. I am much more confident in my abilities to move into action with small steps. I can do it, whatever ‘it’ is.”

“For me, one of the best learnings was that we are all experiencing similar struggles and insecurities. This helps to us to realize that we must play BIG! I am amazed at the talent contained in one small group! Just think how much caring and love that must be out there and how we really can change the world! I have realized also what I need to shed in order to be fully in my potential and my mission.”

Beta Testers Love Finish Agent!


We LOVE Finish Agent! We’ve been running our low and high ticket programs with it – for half a year now, and it’s been just amazing.  Everything’s in one place – program content, progress tracking, interactive mentoring, and community – so it meets all our ‘practical’ needs.  We’ve tried a LOT of different accountability, membership and forum software over the years, but none has had the functionality and one-stop efficiency that Finish Agent has.  It’s really helped us do what we do best – serving through mentoring and training, while letting the structure of the software itself empower our clients to keep THEMSELVES accountable, while giving us an easy way to maintain a constantly fresh pulse of the community.  What a find!”

— Mikhael Solenne and Amethyst Wyldfyre, The Empowered Messenger Mentors, www.TheEmpoweredMessenger.com


Success with Finish Agent Check Mark Do you have clients who don’t do the work?  They may love to learn, but shy away from the possibly anxiety-filled daily actions that are needed for success?  If so, find out more about the Finish Agent Membership Website Accountability System.  It can revolutionize the way you do business, increase your visibility and help your reputation skyrocket as your clients achieve success.

Just write us at Finish Agent Licensee and find out whether our system is right for you, and whether you qualify to use Finish Agent.  We’d love to hear from you!

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