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Talk to your peeps









No, no…. not those Peeps!


I mean peeps like you.  YOU are my peeps.  The people who read my blog, who subscribe to my teeny tiny emails (see box on the upper right), and who… love me. OK, I went too far.

I have had the most fun in the past week interviewing my peeps who volunteered to talk about their experiences either in groups or running their own groups.

I’ve gotten so much insight from what they told me.  For example, after talking to one person about her fears, it hit me like a ton of bricks how there is so much fear around the idea of marketing a group. 

What if I gave a party and nobody came?  Or even worse, if they came, looked around and left?

There is always that underlying fear that people will discover that “I’m not good enough.”  I think it is the entrepreneur’s biggest struggle.  

I’m going to address this now in my upcoming class on running groups.

I also got inspiration from their fantastic businesses and the techniques they’ve used to grow their businesses.  One person had such an unusual but excellent niche that she agreed to be in my Second Annual Group Coaching Megasummit next year!  I don’t have permission to talk about her (yet), but I might do (as they say in England) at some point.  That was a hint.

In each case, I desperately tried to stick to 10 minutes as I had promised, but there was so much they wanted to tell me.  Each time I hung up, I felt that I had made a new friend.

So I’m writing this post to urge you to do what I did.  Reach out and ask to talk to your “peeps” on the phone.  You will go much deeper than you do with just communicating in writing, and you will learn so much. 

Just tell them, as I did (which was the truth), that you want to discover what they most want to learn, what their biggest problem has been (in your area of expertise), what they’ve tried before, and what they would wish for.  

I also told them that I wanted to hear the language they use to describe their trials and tribulations, and also their goals and triumphs.

Time to share!  

Have any of you reached out like this and talked to people in your audience or tribe?  What did you find out?  Do you hesitate to take this step, and if so, why?

6 thoughts on “Talk to your peeps

  1. What a lovely idea! I have been thinking about how to get more information from my peeps to help them and doing surveys is not always representative of what one’s audience really wants and can be given easily if one only knows what they want and need.
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted..The Best Kept Secret for Managing To Do ListsMy Profile

    • Vatsala, you’re right. Surveys are limited by the questions that you ask, and if you’re on the wrong track, it would be difficult to find out what the right track is. I’ve been re-listening to the interviews from our telesummit, and two of the marketing experts (Sue Rice and Lisa Larter) recommended reaching out to contacts online and actually talking to them. Sue did it through LinkedIn, and Lisa Larter spoke about Facebook. I guess it took a while for the idea to sink into my head!
      Gina Hiatt recently posted..Talk to your peepsMy Profile

  2. NEVER underestimate the power of getting somebody on the phone! Not only is it easier to share lots of information (as opposed to jotting it down) you can learn so much from their voice!

    I know the “party” feeling. But the best part is that you can structure your teleseminars so nobody really knows how many people are (or aren’t) at the party! One thing I learned from network marketing that has REALLY stuck with me: Always thank and honor and pay lots of attention to the people who showed up. The people who were invited and DIDN’T… they just don’t matter!
    Kimberly Eldredge recently posted..Putting Product Reviews on Your BlogMy Profile

    • admin said:

      That’s a really good tip, Kimberly! It’s the people who buy or who sign up who really matter to you and who you want to nurture. It sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience talking to your audience on the phone.

  3. What a wonderful experience! It sounds like you have gotten even more ideas for how to make your upcoming program a rocking success. Not to mention, you connected on a deeper level with those that you serve. Thanks for sharing how well this experience went for you. What a fantastic way to get support from your peeps while creating something that will really be amazing.
    Stephanie LH Calahan (@StephCalahan) recently posted..Affirmation of the Day: I Allow Myself to be Helped and Supported by OthersMy Profile

    • admin said:

      Yes, Stephanie, it was the connecting on a deeper level that made it so enjoyable. Just imagine all those other people out there that I could be connecting with. Need 28 days in the week!

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