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Survey Says: Here’s Why You Don’t Run Coaching Groups

October 3, 2013

please_indicate_graph_smallI’m pleased to announce the winner of the group survey raffle:  Congratulations, Sarah Reiff-Hekking, you are the winner of the $50 Amazon gift certificate!  And thank you, everyone who participated.

Previously, I told you that not enough coaches run groups.  This time I want to reveal the reasons that people gave for not running a group.

I’ve posted the large version of the graph that shows the survey results below.  Here are some trends I want to highlight.

  1. Clearly, a big concern is “How do I fill a coaching group and keep it filled?”  People don’t think their list is big enough to attract enough people to fill even one group.  And if they manage to do it once, can they do it again?
  2. Closely related to the concern about having a big enough list is marketing your coaching group.  This could be expressed as, “How do I get people enthusiastic, excited and motivated enough to join my group?”
  3. People indicated that they weren’t sure enough about running the group itself – what kind of group to run, what the logistics were in running a group, or how to run a coaching group.
  4. Finally, 13% felt that their expertise could only be delivered in a one-on-one fashion.

Here are the detailed results in graph form:


You can see what motivated me to create the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit (the website will be ready by October 9, if not sooner!).  You, my loyal readers, are interested enough in groups to take the survey, write me about it, comment on my blog, yet many of you are hesitant to run groups.

The Group Coaching Megasummit will go a long way towards helping you feel more confident and prepared to run coaching groups, and to get you creatively excited, so that you think of new and inventive ways to run your own groups!

If you didn’t take the survey, which of the concerns can you relate to?

If you took the survey, please expand on your answers if you wish to!

Are there other concerns that you have that are not expressed here?

Write your comments below – we really want to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Survey Says: Here’s Why You Don’t Run Coaching Groups

  1. I marketed a group coaching program even though I felt I didn’t have a big enough list. It was great! The class size was small but it was a great way for me to get my information out there, practice teaching, and I was able to leverage my time and money.

    Don’t be fooled by “small”!
    Kimberly Eldredge recently posted..Make Your Content Work For YouMy Profile

  2. Hi Gina – amazing post, as always. I love that you give us succinct information that we don’t have to try and figure out the practical us for. For me, the biggest concern is how to help people stick with the program. I have been a participant in a few online programs, using various online platforms, and I think I am the worst client to have in those scenarios. I often can’t make the live calls and then don’t carve out the time to listen to the recordings. So for me its about how to keep them engaged and how to make sure the training format is the right one for them.
    Brenda Adams recently posted..Do You Want to be Healthier, or Just Look Better Naked?My Profile

  3. Gina Gina Gina… I love this post. Thank you so much for taking time to compile these survey results AND for creating a Group Coaching Megasummit. Count me in!! I can relate to not feeling like I have a large enough tribe to do this with. The rest I’m good with:-)
    Tandy Elisala recently posted..Journey to MyselfMy Profile

    • Wow, Tandy! Thank you! I just checked out your site, and it certainly seems you have an active business providing much needed services. And you have a book and a book tour! Have you looked into ways to grow your list through your book, such as providing a bonus gift if they go to the special url in the book? You could put little bookmarks in the books with the order. That way you capture the names. Also, I suspect that you could easily run groups right now. You will enjoy the megasummit, for sure!
      Gina Hiatt recently posted..Survey Says: Here’s Why You Don’t Run Coaching GroupsMy Profile

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