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She Gets Things Done…

December 9, 2013

You Can Do It!As you know I’m all about action taking. After all, that’s what my software helps your clients do – finish what they’ve started. Hesitation to take action is the biggest barrier to success for most entrepreneurs. We’re stopped by fear, resistance, and excuses that sound really good.

So it’s important to seek out those people who are NOT stopped by their own excuses and who take action! We must find out what is going on in their heads that is so different from people like me and perhaps you, and for many of our clients, who pause and worry and procrastinate.

Tee MingIntroducing Tee Ming Ooi. And for the record, her first name is Tee Ming, with an accent on the second name. Her web site is called Teeming Connections, and she recently held a telesummit called “Certainty and Confidence: The Key to More Clients, Higher Income and Less Stress.”

That should tell you something – a year ago she didn’t have a business. And she has already completed a successful telesummit!

Once I met her and talked to her, I realized I just had to interview her and bring her to you.

Here is the interview: Enjoy — you’ll get a lot of motivation to just …do it!

Tee Ming is such a good role model for taking action that I hope she will inspire you to take stop procrastinating and making excuses, and just do it!

I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever made excuses for not taking the leap and doing something big?

Or, like Tee Ming, have you made the leap and gotten something big accomplished? How did you get past the fear?

Just give me your thoughts below.



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6 thoughts on “She Gets Things Done…

  1. Wow! What an inspiration! She was missing growth and challenge and learning and that made her unhappy- what great self-reflection! What forethought her father had to send her to that class at 16 years of age! I loved her attitude of just do something to get started- her blog, her first little step- a free gift, her next little step- interview some people to find out what she wanted to know, her next little step and on and on.
    Christine Alejandro recently posted..HEALTH VERSUS WEALTHMy Profile

  2. Tee Ming is such a breath of authentic fresh air! What a fun interview. I could feel her joy through the audio and just listening made me feel lighter today. I bet her telesummit was a blast. “You can still move ahead even if you don’t have complete knowledge. You just need to know the next step.” YES! I also love how she talked about using the resources available to her. She did not worry about perfection. She focused on completion. BRAVO!
    Stephanie LH Calahan (@StephCalahan) recently posted..Conscious Powerful Action: I comfortably talk with people that are playing a “bigger game.”My Profile

    • I’m SO happy you were able to listen to the interview, Stephanie. The instant I read your comment, I went and ordered a transcription to be made of this interview. You’ve reinforced my belief that it’s so rare to find someone who takes action AND can talk about how she does it, in such a clear way. And thank you so much for writing to let us all know the effect it had on you!
      Gina Hiatt recently posted..She Gets Things Done…My Profile

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