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Ready to Run Online Get-it-Done Coaching Groups? Take this Self Assessment

questionmark_ladderAs many of you know, I’m in the business of helping YOU run “Online Get-it-Done Coaching Groups.” This technique has worked so well for me that I now license my software and business system so that you can have the same success that I’ve had (many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in passive income).

But the concept of running an online get-it-done coaching group is so different and new, that you may not know if it’s even right for you or your clients.

So I’ve created a simple self-assessment to help you clarify whether a “Get-It-Done Coaching Group” could work for you.

There is no “right” or “wrong” – you’re trying to assess honestly whether this could work for you and your people.

Answer Yes or No to each question. Give yourself a point for each Yes.

  1. I have experience doing one-on-one coaching and I’m ready for a new coaching modality.
  2. I have enough people on my mailing list that I could interest them in a group (at least 500 on your mailing list and/or a very engaged list plus social media following).
  3. I coach people who want some kind of long-term transformation (Habit Change) (e.g. improve their fitness, spiritual life, organizing), or who want to achieve a tangible long-term goal (Big Project) (e.g. build a business, write a book, work on marketing).
  4. My clients could benefit from daily practice on Habit Change (e.g. daily spiritual practice or daily exercise/eating habits) or from taking small daily steps on their Big Project so they keep moving towards their goal (e.g. do specific business-building activities each day, write for 30 minutes a day, spend 45 minutes a day on social media).
  5. I have individual clients that finish coaching with me, but would still like to work with my community and me. Sadly, I don’t have a good place to put them.
  6. I already run teleseminars, but I find that many, if not most, don’t actually implement what I teach or coach.
  7. I’m tired of keeping individual or group clients accountable, when week after week they have excuses for their procrastination.
  8. I find it hard to keep filling groups and I’m just tired of worrying about whether I’ll get enough clients to form a group.
  9. My income goes up and down, so I’d love to have some kind of regular income.
  10. I would LOVE to leverage my time – work less and earn more, while helping more people.
  11. My clients would love to have an ongoing community that supports them in doing the work needed to reach their transformation.
  12. I’m flexible enough to learn a new modality.
  13. I’m willing to do new things I haven’t tried before.
  14. I’d like to have a highly effective but lower fee service for people who don’t want to pay for high-end services.
  15. I need a continuity program (a place to serve your clients, usually at a lower fee, after your seminar ends).
  16. I’d love to be able to help more people and get my message out to the world.

Write down how many times you answered, “Yes.”


  • You must have answered “Yes” to questions 1-4. If you have no coaching experience, don’t coach people with either Habit Change or Big Project goals, then you wouldn’t want to run an “Online Get-it-Done Coaching Group.” Also, if it makes no sense to break your clients’ goals into daily actions, then it wouldn’t work with this system.
  • If you answered Yes to 12 of the 16 questions, then I highly suggest that you consider learning more about running Online Get-it-Done Coaching Groups™. Be on the alert for an announcement in a couple of days about a unique opportunity!
  • If you answered Yes to 8 – 12 of the questions, then I would keep an open mind and keep reading this blog. These may be questions that you hadn’t considered before, and you may need more time to realize that those are issues that concern you. You can always contact me at info@finishagent.com if you would like to have a Finish Agent Business Assessment, where you and I would work together to determine if your business could fit this model.
  • If you answered Yes to fewer than 8, then this business model may not be right for you at this time. That’s OK! This blog is full of useful information that you can apply in your business.

I do have a special offer coming up, for just a few people; so keep your eyes peeled for an email from me!

10 thoughts on “Ready to Run Online Get-it-Done Coaching Groups? Take this Self Assessment

  1. Thanks for your nice article. Really this article is very helpful.Can you tell when you will publish this kinds of article?

  2. Great survey,Gin!,

    How will the “significant discount” work for existing “Lifetime Licensees” of the Finish Agent Program?

    • Hey Celeste — Sorry for any confusion. This is an old post from well before you joined us. I think in the email it said something like “this is an oldie but a goodie.” It was the content we wanted to share with people. So there’s nothing further for you to purchase, or have a discount for at this time.

    • Vatsula, that’s exactly why I created this self assessment. That way you can assess whether your approach would meld with the “Online Get-It-Done Group Coaching” approach, and if not, then move towards it. As a matter of fact, in writing that to you, I realize I should write a post on steps to take to move towards it if you like the idea.
      Gina Hiatt recently posted..3 Personal Reasons I’m a Group Coaching GuruMy Profile

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I really see the difference between a group coaching program and the type of program you’re talking about.

    I don’t think I’m there yet (based on the questions) but I love knowing I can move that direction.
    Kimberly Eldredge recently posted..5 Writing Goals for 2014My Profile

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