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The Online Group Success System


Run accountability groups that get real results and offer you recurring and passive income -- powered by Finish Agent® Software!

Run Online Accountability Groups!

Learn How to Build Get-It-Done Groups™ or Habit-Building Groups™...

that give your clients amazing results and generate recurring, predictable and passive income for you, using our unique and proprietary small-group accountability software and system.

Do any of these common frustrations sound familiar?

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    You run groups or classes, but clients don't do the work and are NOT GETTING RESULTS!

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    You don’t have AN ACCOUNTABILITY METHOD THAT WORKS (and isn't boring and complicated)

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    YOU DON'T STAND OUT from other coaches in your niche

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    It’s DIFFICULT TO SELL clients into your programs and services, and they DON'T REFER others

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    You can’t KEEP YOUR CLIENTS long enough to reach their goals

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    As soon as a class or group ends, you’re SCRAMBLING TO FILL UP THE NEXT ONE

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    You’re on the INCOME ROLLER COASTER not earning enough, working too much, needing a break…

Enroll today and start
using an accountability
method that works!

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The Online Group Success System™ solves these problems!

It’s designed to attract, retain and get referrals from clients because more of your clients will finally:

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    Take action and reach their goals

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    Engage actively with you, your program, and your community

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    Enjoy their small group so much, that they will want to stay together

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    Be thrilled that they are getting results and achieving their goals!

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    Experience the true value of what you do

. . . which means they will:

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    Engage actively with you, your program, and your community

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    They will stay with you longer as they develop further goals 

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    Experience the true value of what you do, and help spread the word!


The Online Group Success System is For:

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    Health and Wellness Coaches

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    Writing Coaches

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    Spirituality Coaches

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    Creativity Coaches

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    Physical Fitness Coaches and Trainers

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    Leadership Trainers

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    Time Management, Procrastination and Productivity Coaches

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    ADHD Coaches

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    Diabetes Management Coaches

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    Entrepreneurial Coaches

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    Sales Coaches

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    Anything you can think of -- add your creativity here!

Our licensees have included all of the above, plus many
more types of coaches, trainers, authors and experts!


Deborah Hurwitz, of Mission Accomplished™ Coaching, helps creative professionals to break through the paralysis of perfectionism and procrastination so they complete the projects and goals that matter most to them.

Find out what she has accomplished in just a year, starting with nearly no list. And the results her clients are getting are astounding!

Farida Akadiri is another licensee who had amazing results, this time within 6 weeks of participating in The Online Group Success System.  She earned the equivalent of $25,000 in the past 6 weeks (she lives in Paris), by creating Get-It-Done Groups in Finish Agent. Discover exactly how she did it! 

The Online Group Success System in A Nutshell

  1. Start learning through classes and guided tours
  2. Get a lifetime license to Finish Agent!

What is this Software all about?

Finish Agent Features at a Glance
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Daily Progress Grid

 DAILY PROGRESS GRID:  This a unique and powerful feature that only Finish Agent provides.  Help your clients build and maintain a habit of daily work or practice, by providing progress tracking, accountability, and structure. You'll be able to see at a glance the progress of each group member.  You’ll know instantly which members are active and which members are struggling and need more help.


Daily Coaching Questions

 DAILY COACHING QUESTIONS:  You will create your own  questions, which your clients answer each day when they check in. These questions can remain the same forever.  I will teach you the logic and psychology of it.  This simple but powerful process has clients stick to their goals, log their actions, and reflect on their progress, giving them clarity of purpose and make sure they keep on taking those small but important actions.  The whole small group can read their responses and then comment.


Coach and Peer Support

COACH AND PEER SUPPORT:  This is the heart of the Finish Agent system.  Because people can interact over each other's actions, thoughts and feelings from THAT DAY, the power of the interaction is heightened.  You'll be surprised at the level of closeness that these online groups achieve. Coaches and fellow small group members read each others’ responses and offer supportive, encouragement, and help in being resilient. They keep each other motivated, help them push through obstacles, and stay on track.


Discussion Forums

DISCUSSION FORUMS:  You and your clients can make announcements, upload documents, create and organize group discussions.  Larger topics that get started in the Progress Log can be shared and expanded.  This increases engagement and community building.  You can have a forums for each of your programs, and also one for each of the smaller groups within each program.

chat Woman_holding_iPad

Live Chat

LIVE CHAT:  A live chat feature— perfect for coach-hosted real-time discussions, tip sharing sessions, group challenges, and more! As with the discussion forums, you can have a chat for each of your programs, and also for each of the small groups within each program. There is also a private chat option, and a place to find out if a certain group member or program member is online.

2018-08-30 Graph bar daily

Graphs - 1

GRAPHS: Graphs are automatically generated (for each individual and for each group) based on the type of data you’re collecting, (for example, # of minutes spent writing, number of calories, daily mood ratings on a 1-10 scale, etc.) and will help you track each client’s progress and the overall progress of your group.  It’s visually impactful — your clients will be amazed at how much they accomplish as a member of your community!  You can select line, bar or pie charts, and you can have cumulative or daily progress graphs.

Graphs 600

Graphs - 2

GRAPHS: Graphs are automatically generated (for each individual and for each group) based on the type of data you’re collecting, (for example, # of minutes spent writing, number of calories, daily mood ratings on a 1-10 scale, etc.) and will help you track each client’s progress and the overall progress of your group.  It’s visually impactful — your clients will be amazed at how much they accomplish as a member of your community!  You can select line, bar or pie charts, and you can have cumulative or daily progress graphs.

Client Profile and Goals

Client Profiles & Goals

CLIENT PROFILES & GOALS:  A personal space where each client can share information about themselves and list their goals for each program session. Clients can get to know the other members of their community, while you can tailor your feedback according to their needs. Note that people can assign themselves a "nickname" and be anonymous if they wish.


Custom Content Areas

CUSTOM CONTENT AREAS:  Special areas to enter ALL the information for your program and classes. Embed videos, mp3s, PDFs, class schedules, and more when and where you need them. Tabs, sub-tabs and drop-down modules allow a huge choice in displaying your content.  Drip content is also available. If you have your content hosted elsewhere, just link to it from here.


Custom Branded Site

CUSTOM BRANDED SITE:  Easily customize your Finish Agent® site with your own banner, colors, content, tab labels and some tab icons! You can even choose your own text and hyperlink colors, making an integrated look. Make it look just like your own site, or create a whole new brand.  On the left are three headings as examples.

Here's What You'll Receive in the Online Group Success System!


Learn by doing

Learn By Doing

Let’s zero in on the specific problem your clients need to solve! Learn the mindset shifts that will enable you to create online groups that will really make you stand out in your market. Understand the “Learn by Doing” approach that bypasses avoidance.

Find out how to help your clients fashion “No Fail Goals,” and how to decide on their own Small Daily Actions (while doing the same for yourself!), using the simple, yet powerful Small Daily Action questions. Learn about “Core Groups” and how they are key to client retention and leveraged income.


Photo for class-2 (1) bd

3 Psychology Principles

Learn the three psychological principles that underlie the Finish Agent structure and why clients do so well when these principles are combined in one online environment.

Discover what you’ll need to teach your clients (in addition to your own content) in order for them to excel in your accountability programs and how to promote strong group bonding that makes them want to stay together forever!


Photo for Class 3 -bd

Steal This Powerpoint

In this important class you’ll learn the Six Productivity Myths that are keeping your clients stuck, and the 10 Strategies for Being Productive. I’ll dig into my neuropsychology background and explain how the tension between your brain hemispheres can paralyze your clients’ thinking. I’ll also invite you to teach these exact principles in your own classes.

You’ll also learn about two university research studies that prove that Small Daily Actions lead to increased productivity and to more creativity.


Market those program

Market those Programs

Let’s get people signing up for your programs! You will learn the exact kind of language you need to use to market your “Get-It-Done” or “Habit-Building” Programs. You’ll also find out about the Five Fatal Marketing Mistakes that you must avoid.

We’ll look at who is an ideal client for this kind of program, how to describe the benefits, the features, and your bonuses. You’ll find out how to charge, what to include and even how to run your first class.
You’ll also start learning more about the software, and about the secret licensee area that holds all the essential tools for running your programs.



Create Your Daily Coaching Questions

You’ll discover even more advanced marketing secrets for getting people excited about your Finish Agent program, with specific examples from various coaching niches. You’ll experience an example of how to create a continuity program starting with a class.

You will learn in detail how to create the ideal Daily Coaching Questions that your clients will be responding to in their Finish Agent program, using the best practices available for providing accountability, structure and group interaction. You’ll also find out more about graphable questions.



Long-Term Planning for Passive Income

Find out to coach online so that your clients will highly value the experience, and where and how to put the most effort for exciting results. You’ll understand how to make your Finish Agent program a long-term profitable enterprise, as you learn how to train your own coaches, combine your small groups into larger programs, and run groups that never end!





I’m Gina Hiatt, Creator of The Online Group Success System™, Finish Agent® Software, Academic Ladder® Inc, and the Academic Writing Club™

I earned $455,000 last year in passive recurring income from running online groups in just one business, and you can too!

After years of coaching academics, I saw first-hand the challenges that graduate students and faculty have in completing long-term writing projects, suffering from procrastination, and lack of structure. In my own Ph.D. studies, I was in the same boat, and I struggled, too!

That’s why I saw a need and an opportunity to create online accountability and support groups. So I started Academic Ladder® Inc. (the company), the Academic Writing Club (the groups, membership site, and software), and eventually Finish Agent® (the software I built for you, so you could do the same!) to support the groups.

My System is Proven

I’ve had 1000s of participants using this system in my Academic Writing Club over the
last 10 years and I have the data to show that our online groups work!

Just look at our retention numbers:


49 have been members for over 5 years

101 have been members for over 4 years

352 have been members for an average of 3 years

450 have been members for almost 2 years

Enroll today and start
using an accountability
method that works!

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Here's what coaches have to say!

Here's what you get with the Online Group Success System!

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    A 6-Week Group-Design and Business-Building Course:

    Learn proven methods for creating, filling, and managing effective Get-it-Done and Habit-Building groups that retain happy clients; as well as the secrets to growing a group-centered business that generates 6 to 7-figures of recurring passive income annually!

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    Extensive Resource Library:

    We have additional trainings and tutorials to supplement our teaching, to help you get started in our Finish Agent software and to dive deeper on specific topics of running groups and building your business.

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    Free Software License for Life:

    Receive a FREE LIFETIME LICENSE to use our proprietary Finish Agent software ($3,500 value!) which allows you to manage your groups expertly and effectively. No other software on the market comes close to having the features that Finish Agent has for creating successful online groups. NOTE: there is a $10 per user fee per session.  (Raise your rates accordingly, by $10 per person. You pay nothing if you’re not using the system.)

More About Your Free Finish Agent Lifetime License

The most powerful and proven software foraccountability
and implementation designed for

  • Membership sites

  • Online Groups

  • Continuity Programs

This system is adaptable to many different kinds of business models

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    ADD FINISH AGENT'S UNIQUE FEATURES: If you already have other membership and content delivery platforms you use and love, then add Finish Agent to your mix for the unique features and benefits you only get from Finish Agent, and make your programs more effective

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    ONLINE-ONLY GROUPS: It’s a complete solution. Run your entire online group business from one place!

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    OFFLINE GROUPS: Add value and online support to any live groups you run by staying connected and making progress between meetings

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    MASTERMINDS: What better way to mutually assure that you’re all keeping to your commitments?

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    SAVE MONEY AND STREAMLINE: Use Finish Agent in place of other costly or clunky membership, group-management and content-delivery platforms


I've had over 10 years experience working on and in my system...

I’ve listened, learned, tweaked, and tested our methods. I’ve used my expertise in group psychology and group dynamics, goal setting and achievement, and cognitive behavioral theory to create lasting habits.

My team and I have become experts at the business of running online coaching groups. We know how to scale to add groups, build coaching teams, and create a business that can generate 6 to potentially 7-figures annually. I have a team of 23 coaches running 40 groups (and will teach you how to do this, too)

We’ve made many enhancements and upgrades to the Finish Agent software, to maximize the outcomes for your groups.

Now the Online Group Success System™ is a complete package that incorporates all of our best training, practices, support and tools, so YOU can replicate our success!


It's quick and easy for your clients to log in daily, answer the accountability questions, and support others!

Enroll today and start
using an accountability
method that works!

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Your Investment in The Online Group Success System™
will quickly pay for itself.

The Online Group Success System™

Powered by Finish Agent software

It’s possible to earn back more than your entire investment
in your very first month of leading your groups.

  • 6-Week Online Course




  • Learn MARKETING TECHNIQUES specifically for this kind of service/business

  • Discover how to FIND, HIRE AND TRAIN YOUR OWN COACHES (leads to passive income!)

  • Learn to BUILD AND MANAGE a successful 6 to 7-figure online group business

  • Learn how to run groups based on process and progress, NOT ON MORE AND MORE CONTENT

  • The psychology of running accountability programs, TAUGHT BY A CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST

  • Learn how to run groups that NEVER END!

  • Find out the best way to set up an ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM

Your investment for this opportunity to create
a whole new revenue stream is only...

Regular Investment: $797






The 6-modules are available for you to go through at your own pace.
When you log in to the Finish Agent platform from your welcome email, you'll see the 6 classes listed.
We encourage you to put a reminder on your calendar to do one module a week or batch your time in 15-minutes a day, whatever works best for you, but put a schedule in place to hold yourself accountable to the training. 

Join us in
The Online Group Success System
and get your own beta group started within a few weeks!

Enroll today and start
using an accountability
method that works!

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