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Survey Says: Not enough coaches run coaching groups

I’ve gotten the results from my survey on what coaches do and don’t know about group coaching.  I was pleased to get 40 people participating.  You’ll find out in my next blog post, whether you were the winner of the raffle prize – a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.com.

I’m going to give you other pieces of the survey results in separate blog posts, also.

Today I wanted to share with you what percent of you have run coaching groups.  The results represent a tremendous opportunity for many of you to learn more about group coaching, and take advantage of the fact that it is not a very common activity.

First, I’d like to make clear the distinction between coaching groups and coaching classes.  Many coaches have become mainly teachers.  They are skilled and knowledgeable and know how to give amazing classes, but they don’t do much coaching beyond answering questions.

There is nothing wrong with “just” teaching.  I’ve taken tons of classes, and I’ve learned so much from them.  I just think that it’s tremendously important to be aware of what you are offering your clients; whether it’s coaching or teaching or a combination of the two.  This will help your marketing clarity.  It will also clarify for YOU whether to learn new skills.  Group coaching skills can be very useful for your clients, and wonderful for your bottom line.

Here is the graphic of the survey results on group coaching experience, along with a table of the response categories, percentages, and number of responses for each.

Running Coaching Groups

group coaching table

As you can see, close to a third of you have never run a coaching group.  If you add to that the 15% who have only run classes, (which are not the same as groups, as I explained above), and 5% from the “other” responses, you end up with 47.5%, which I’ll just refer to as “nearly half” of you who have never run groups!

That means that there is a tremendous need out there for education about group coaching.  Despite the fact that there is such a need, not that many people actually teach group coaching.  

Two people who do train coaches to run groups are Wendy Y. Bailey and Ginger Cockerham.  

Wendy Y, as she is affectionately called, is the founder of the Group Coaching Institute, and trains on group coaching using Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  She is a real powerhouse, and a gifted speaker and teacher.

Ginger Cockerham is considered by most to be the Queen of group coaching.  She runs the all-encompassing Power of Groups program at Coachville, and has written a book called Group Coaching:  A Comprehensive Blueprint.

If you want to start filling that gap in knowledge about group coaching, I suggest that you get Ginger’s book, one of the very few on this topic.  I’ve read it cover to cover, and I love her straightforward, step-by-step style.

In addition, I will be hosting a virtual training in late October, which will be called the “First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit: Win Big with Group Programs, from Mini Groups to Membership Sites to Masterminds.”  These two experts will be included in my list of accomplished coaches, each of whom I’m going to interview.  

You’ll be hearing lots more about my group coaching megasummit in the coming weeks, and I’ll be giving you a sneak peek into who some of my speakers are (hint: they are awesome!).

I hope that I’ve inspired some of you to start considering the idea of adding coaching groups to your practice, and maybe re-invigorated those of you who have let that part of your practice go.

Are you surprised by these statistics?  Did you consider coaching groups and classes to be two separate types of activities before?

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    • Maribel, people are going to be excited to learn how to launch a group program (hint for anyone reading this — you will hear about this in Maribel’s interview!). People really are getting excited about this summit. I know that I am — I’m learning more every day about group coaching and all of the opportunities out there to help people and make more money while working less!
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