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Membership Websites Based on Group Accountability, Not Content? YES!

March 1, 2012

It’s so hard for me to listen to experienced coaches, trainers and mastermind leaders say that membership websites are too difficult to maintain, and ultimately end in failure.

Of course, they believe that the only way to have a membership system that can give you any kind of online income is to base it on creating and providing great content, month after month, forever.

First of all, let me define “content.”  That word is used to mean articles, PDFs, recordings of classes, and videos that teach you something.  Content is wonderful; it’s how we learn.  I’m a big fan of content.Membership website all content

The problem is that the person running the membership system has to come up with content.  For many, that is fun.  They love to teach and train.  BUT, and this is really a big but, what if you get tired of providing content?  What if you get tired of people signing on, downloading your content, and leaving?  What if you have not stockpiled a lot of content and you happen to get sick, or a family member needs you, or you want to take a long vacation?

The fact is that the person in charge of the membership website often just burns out.

That’s why I developed member software and a system that does not rely on content.  Of course, it does allow you to put content in it.  But it relies more on the process of getting things done, by providing an online accountability system that creates a support network with deep bonds, and a community that keeps your clients on track.

When the process of getting things done is front and center, the dynamic of a membership site undergoes a huge shift.  People will then rely on their small group and their online coach for support, encouragement, and reminders of what they should be doing on a daily basis (I’ll save my “daily accountability” secret for another post).


And as you see on my home page, I have already used this system to grow a membership site that has well over 400 members paying $70 a month (or less with long-term plans).  Many people have stayed with my site over four years.  The reason they stay is that the site is amazingly effective.  They have had incredible breakthroughs that they never would have had alone.  and have been able to make more progress in their lives and careers than ever before.  See the testimonials page for just some of the thousands (yes, thousands) of comments from the incredibly grateful and excited members of my Academic Writing Club have written.

And right now, I do none of the hands-on online coaching.  I have 10 coaches who do that for me.  How’s that for a source of passive online income?


Please post below what comes to mind when you think about running a membership site — does it seem worth it to you?

4 thoughts on “Membership Websites Based on Group Accountability, Not Content? YES!

    • From looking at your website and program, Saranagati, it looks like your program might be just right for our daily accountability system. If you teach your clients to do a daily practice, this will help them keep up the new habits they are learning while also trying out new ways of being in the world, with a supportive group behind them. It’s so hard to keep at it when you try to change long-practiced behaviors that are no longer serving you.

      Our site has space for unlimited content, so you can post class info and links, mp3s or videos there, too.

    • Thank you, Joyce! I’m honored that you took the time to comment here. As someone who is spearheading the the use of Finish Agent Accountability System within a large organization, you should be in a good position to judge how it works! I love the idea that with the help of your organization, unemployed former government workers will be able to find new jobs or start new careers. It feels good that Finish Agent may be helping that endeavor.

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