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You Can Lead a Horse to Water — Do Your Clients Do the Work?

Do your clients do the work, or do you teach/coach them and they do nothing?It’s often said that 80% of people who pay for your expertise fall off the wagon at some point along the way, and never see the results they wanted for themselves.

This is especially a problem in group coaching, such as in a multi-week or multi-month teleseminar series.

I don’t know how many wonderful programs I’ve bought and then I’ve NEVER even opened them.  It’s been called the “Dirty Little Secret” of the expert training industry.

It’s not clear, though, where these percentages come from.  I’ve searched and can’t find any real data.  So I’ve decided to conduct a non-scientific, but hopefully eye-opening survey, in order to find out what percentage of people have experienced this phenomenon, either as a coach/teacher, or as a client.  I think the results will be fascinating, and will give us more information than is widely available.

So click here to take the 2 minute survey:  You Can Lead a Horse to Water..

And please, comment below after you take the survey, and write about this on Facebook and Twitter — just click the icons above.  The more people who take this survey, the more valid it will be!

Tell us about the lost opportunities that you have paid for, the programs you wish you had followed through on, and the wasted money spent on potentially valuable, but unused, content.  Just comment below!


9 thoughts on “You Can Lead a Horse to Water — Do Your Clients Do the Work?

  1. In the earlier days of my business, I bought more and completed less. I saw that this was happening though, and was able to manage myself better to buy less and complete more. The 3 products I didn’t work on I had purchased all within the first 2 years of my business. For the last 3 years, I’ve been completing them. It has helped to have paid for 2 different certifications, which gives me strong dedication to finish them and receive the certifications. This has in turn helped to discipline me to complete the other programs I get, too.
    Sue Paananen recently posted..What boxes do you have to unpack?My Profile

    • Sue, I know you’ve always been good at getting the maximum out of the programs you participate in — that has always impressed me. Certainly being in a certification program helps, since there are big negative repercussions if you don’t learn everything you’re supposed to learn. And you’re always studying very difficult technical things (go to Sue Paananen for Infusionsoft help, or any online help you need!).
      gjhiatt recently posted..You Can Lead a Horse to Water — Do Your Clients Do the Work? My Profile

  2. I’m with Gina. I put the audios onto an MP3 player — then I put it on repeat and paint walls, do the dishes, drive, fold laundry, etc. Since I’m not 100% focused, I try to listen to it TWICE.

    I don’t buy programs that I’m not EXTREMELY interested in and ready to implement. I don’t always complete them — sometimes I get what I needed and don’t need to “complete” the program.

    Although, right now, I do have one I’ve purchased but haven’t started…
    Kimberly Eldredge recently posted..What Does Ghostwriting Look Like?My Profile

  3. Great survey, I would be interested in the results so I hope you’ll share 🙂 I think its a great topic!

  4. Monique, I have found the solution to that, or any group of recordings I buy. I put them into my iPhone (or you could use any device), and listen while I’m at the gym. I was surprised when I first tried it that it held my attention just as much as music! I listened to Lisa Sasevich’s entire 6-Figure Teleseminar Series (highly recommended) at least twice in the gym, and a whole telesummit series by Erin Ferree on how to create free gifts or freebies that people will want. I wonder who else out there has tried this.
    gjhiatt recently posted..You Can Lead a Horse to Water — Do Your Clients Do the Work? My Profile

  5. I have not had this experience with coaching programs, Gina. But I have spent money on “VIP upgrades” for telesummits and never gotten around to listening to many of the recordings. It’s the same syndrome, but perhaps psychologically less dramatic.
    Monique Y. Wells recently posted..Brigitte van Tuijl InterviewMy Profile

  6. gjhiatt said:

    Stephanie, you’re on the ball! I can tell, because I think you’re the first to fill the survey out. The difficulty for me is knowing what my immediate need is. I suppose, by definition, it’s a need that I will take the time to fulfill by not just buying, but by consuming (that is, doing the work required not just to learn, but to make the changes that are supposed to result from the learning). The problem is that I get all excited when buying but don’t have the same motivation when it’s time to do the work. Sigh…

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