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This time it’s true: I earned over $100,000 last year in recurring income

I was very busy in October.  First I attended Andrea Lee’s Wealthy Thought Leader Event (she magically pulls creativity out of your head) in San Francisco. Then two weeks later I traveled back across the country to Lisa Sasevich’s Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life Event in San Diego.

Never mind all the wonderful ideas that were bursting out of my head after going to both conferences —  what really hit me was that my paltry attempts at networking actually yielded amazing results!

Despite my crude draft-level business cards, there was something magical that happened when people heard me say, “I earned over $100,000 last year in completely passive income.”

As I explained how I had accomplished this feat, and then told them that I had decided to license the software to other change agents, the cards were practically grabbed from my hands.  And these people followed through — I’ve spent much time on the phone discussing with people how they can make use of this innovative software.  I guess I’ve got an elevator speech!

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