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Group Coaching Megasummit – it rocked!

computer_mailman_smallPhew! I feel like hibernating in a cave for a month like a bear. But instead I’m hyped up and can’t sleep, because I’m really stoked about the success of the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit.

Many attendees noticed how the expert speakers took a risk and a little bit of a leap in opening up about their experiences in running groups. Their openness gave inspiration and courage to those who listened.

Because others spoke so eloquently about their experiences, I’ve decided to feature a fantastic letter I received from a Megasummit “fan.” If you’re sitting on the fence as to whether to upgrade to VIP status, then perhaps her letter will convince you. (I’ve added bold to some salient points.)

“I’m sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get around to it, but I really wanted to send you my comments about the Megasummit. I know you already know how impressed I was by it, but I have more to say!

Firstly, I think it was an absolutely fantastic introduction to the concept of group coaching. It’s not something I have done yet, but is something that feels very natural for me, and is a concept I’ve been keen to explore for some time…

I think what has been so useful about it has been the very practical approach…you’ve taken a really pragmatic approach to the infrastructure and even the potential problems with group coaching. I especially enjoyed the tips your speakers gave about dealing with difficult clients in a group situation. Having come from an industry (weddings) that is FULL of difficult or potentially difficult clients with unrealistic expectations, I’m certainly no stranger to them, but having practical advice up my sleeve for dealing with them in this context is hugely useful and confidence-giving!

In addition, the speakers who focused on the concepts of niche, ideal clients, list building and marketing, were very interesting and have left me with a list of actions as long as my arm (which isn’t a bad thing!). Perhaps more importantly though, I’ve been left very much with the feeling that the important thing is not to finish the action list before I do something, because taking action in the first instance is what will get me where I need to be.

This is something I was doing to a degree anyway, having learned the hard way in previous business ventures that perfectionism gets me nowhere, but having it reinforced by so many others has spurred me into action. I’m in the process of trying to get enough people together to run a pilot group, in fact. Previously I might have felt that the content needed to come first – actually I’m feeling rather confident now about letting the precise content be driven a little more by the group. It makes perfect sense.

The focus on accountability in a group has me really interested too. One of my husband’s clients (a company rather than an individual) will really benefit from this idea of group accountability, and following a meeting yesterday, they are now working on a project to allow them to be more visibly accountable to each other on an ongoing basis. They have, in fact, tagged the project ‘Group Accountability’, at my suggestion. They met as a group, and it actually worked rather like a group coaching session, with a huge emphasis on supporting each other.

To have a week of listening to people infused with so much positivity has been inspiring, to say the least. The warmth and enthusiasm of every speaker came across loud and clear….

I really feel I have been able to move my business forwards by enormous strides, thanks to the generosity of you and your speakers. Dare I say, this may have been a life changer! Once I have worked out how best to get to the next stage, I now have the knowledge of a veritable arsenal of tools I didn’t know about before that will help me reach the stages that follow…

Warm regards, and thank you again,

Liz Wootton
Human Nature

Here is a list of the benefits that Liz mentioned:

  • Fantastic introduction to the concept of group coaching
  • Practical advice which boosts your confidence
  • Pragmatic approach to infrastructure of groups, including niche, list building, ideal clients and marketing
  • Specific tips as to how to handle situations
  • Gave her a long list of action steps
  • An arsenal of tools she didn’t have before
  • Importance of accountability in groups
  • Feeling of inspiration from listening to such positive people
  • Warmth and enthusiasm coming from speakers
  • Realization the she needs to take action, even before she is fully prepared and ready.
  • Allow the group and content to be more group-driven
  • The Megasummit may have been a life-changer!

Now YOU can get your hands on all the recordings that Liz is referring to, and get the very same benefits that she did! Just go to http://groupcoachingsummit.com.

And finally, the answer is no, I didn’t know Liz Wootten before and I did not pay her to write all of this!

If you listened to the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit (or any part thereof), I’d love to hear your reactions.

  • What’s one new thing that you learned?
  • What was your biggest takeaway?
  • Which speaker inspired you the most, taught you the most, or was the most open and helpful?

Please comment below – I’d love to hear from you about your experiences. The benefit multiplies when we share.