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Get Rich Slowly and You’ll Get There Faster

A lot of innovative and highly effective ideas begin by turning ideas on their head.

Here is one of my favorites. Turn this:

  • “Get High End Clients and Make Big Money Fast!”

Into this:

  • “Offer Medium Price, High Value Services and Get Rich Slowly

Of course, everybody wants to get rich fast. But there is no free lunch. The “get rich slowly” route, is slow, but predictable, and leads to recurring income that can take you to retirement and beyond.

And what do I mean by “slowly?” I mean not overnight or next month, in some magical win-the-lottery way. I mean by building your business and over the months, adding more and more happy clients who stay with you. So within a couple of years, you can have significant predictable, recurring income.

Why shouldn’t we all try to get high-end clients?

  • It usually does NOT lead to success. I don’t know about you, but I have met many, many entrepreneurs who have gone the “high-end-client-big-money-fast” route, and who have given up.
  • They are hard to find and harder to contact. It’s hard to get high-end clients.
  • This is not an ideal market for an unknown. It’s certainly more difficult to sell to them when you’re new.
  • Your reach is limited. Fewer people hear your message and get results from your work.
  • This model doesn’t lead to predictable income. Your income usually sways way up or way down.

What if, instead, you could base your business on groups of clients all taking small daily steps towards their goals?

I know – it’s not flashy and it’s not sexy. And it may only attract savvy coaches who aren’t swayed by big promises that lead to disappointment.

But what is sexy is results! When your clients get actual results, they:

  1. Shout their happiness to the world. In my program, The Online Group Success System (TOGSS), in which clients work on their goals in Finish Agent (FA), a client recently wrote:

“I feel really good about getting so much done today. My practice is feeding me, writing is motivating me, this format and the group is supporting my goals. So, yes, it feels amazing to take small, yet massive steps each day.”

Valerie Sorrentino
The Simple Art of Manifesting

2. Continue to spend money on you! Yes, Client Retention is the new black! It’s quietly sexy, and results in collecting money without you having to constantly look for new prospects (of course, you do, but you’re not desperate). Here is an example:

o  I just gave a 6- week course for $997, in which 29 people participated. Starting Week 2, they logged their daily progress in Finish Agent.

o  At the end of Week 5, I offered a $97 per 4-week session continuity session.

o  Guess how many people, out of 29 participants, are now in my Finish Agent accountability, with automatic recurring payments every 4 weeks?

o  Enter your guess here: ____________________

o  Here’s the answer: 20! Yes, 2/3 of the participants signed up!

o  That’s almost $2000 in additional recurring monthly income. In the future, I can hire coaches (we already have 10 ready to be trained) to run these groups, and they can become ongoing sources of passive income.

This is all from just one course!

In subsequent posts, I’m going to give you more information about the Get Rich Slowly method, and how it will actually get you there faster.

3 thoughts on “Get Rich Slowly and You’ll Get There Faster

  1. Yes, its easy to get pulled into the get rich quickly thinking but having experienced Finish Agent first hand through the TOGSS program, I am sold on the idea of Get Rich Slowly! I’m on my way to getting my own first group program up and running.

  2. Leatrice, that is an excellent point. I don’t know if it’s the higher price point that people are paying at that level, but it can be very difficult dealing with the sense of entitlement or extraordinarily high expectations that *some* people have. Perhaps it’s that people who have made it feel entitled in general. I don’t know, and it’s not true for everyone, but I have heard people make the same complaint, and I’ve experience it (rudeness, emails not returned, impatience, etc.). So thank you for pointing that out!
    gjhiatt recently posted..Could you run online coaching groups based on taking action and building habits? Revised self-assessment now available!My Profile

  3. Leatrice Wells said:

    Love It !! Plus many entrepreneurs may not recognize or be aware that many high income high touch clients are….high maintenance, and satisfying them can quickly erode your profits.

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