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Finish Agent & Andrea Lee’s The Wealthy Thought Leader

September 28, 2010

I’ll be attending Andrea Lee’s The Wealthy Thought Leader event September 30 – October 2 in San Francisco.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to share Finish Agent with other attendees, who are, like I am, “change agents” and also business people.  The reason that I’m excited is that it will be my first opportunity to “go public” with the amazing membership site software that I have created.

Finish Agent is a  Client Accountability System. This simple, proven system combines a user-friendly software tool with online group coaching, to motivate and assist your clients to achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Finish Agent will take your membership program, and your ability to reach a much larger group of people with your message, to a whole new level. Clients will experience all of the following:

  • A visual software tool that helps them clearly define their goals, track their progress, and get the support and encouragement they need from both their small group and their online coach (more about this later).
  • A daily structure that will help them take the sometimes difficult, sometimes boring, daily tasks that will help them reach their goals
  • A monthly structure that gets them to pinpoint their goals for the month
  • Interaction with a small group of people who are struggling with exactly the same types of issues in finishing or taking actions on their long-term projects and goals.
  • Graphs of any aspect of their goals, illustrated both cumulatively and on a daily basis
  • Participation in a forum just for their group
  • Chat rooms for either their group or for all groups that are part of the program
  • Self-study materials provided by you or your coaches will be available, if you wish, on a schedule that you determine
  • Teleclasses and group telephone or webinar coaching can, of course, be added as you need it (not part of our system).

You, as the change agent, will experience

  • Recurring revenue
  • Passive income
  • The ability to bring your message and methods to a much wider audience
  • A great way to grow your business
  • The satisfaction in seeing your clients actually follow through with what they had always wanted to do.

Finish Agent was developed for academia and has proven highly effective in assisting both graduate students and professors to complete notoriously difficult writing tasks that can make or break their careers. This same tool has been adapted for you to use with your own clients, to give you a powerful means to help your clients succeed, while increasing your profits with very little effort on your part.

Client Success = Your Success! Use the sign-up box above to join our mailing list. We’ll keep you informed as we develop a variety of options for business owners of all sizes to have access to this invaluable Client Accountability System.  I’m also going to describe an in-depth case study that will help you understand the power of this system to provide you an amazing source of passive income.

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