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Finish Agent Features

Our easy-to-navigate system provides everything you need to maintain accountability, post class material or schedules, engage your community, and more!

Daily Progress Grid

The Progress Page is central to Finish Agent’s system of accountability. It helps your clients build and maintain a daily habit of work or practice, by providing progress tracking, accountability and structure. Each green check mark represents a client who has logged in and reported on their daily progress or problems.


Daily Coaching Questions

You will create your own customized daily coaching questions, a simple but powerful process that will help your clients overcome obstacles and achieve the clarity of purpose they need to succeed.


Coach and Peer Support

Your clients thrive on your coaching and the encouragement of other group members. Finish Agent facilitates everyone’s ability to help each other persevere and succeed, no matter how much they struggle. Coaches and fellow small group members can read each other’s responses, and offer supportive comments of their own. Your clients will love to know that they’re not alone, others care, and that they’re part of a community.


Discussion Forums

Special areas for your clients to engage in ongoing discussions. Separate forums are available for each program, and for each of the smaller groups within them. An optional site-wide forum is also available.



A live chat feature for each of your programs, for small groups within each program, or for your entire site - perfect for hosting real-time discussions, tip-sharing sessions, group challenges, and more!



The ability to display client responses in an easy to read graphical format. Show how many minutes each member is spending on their daily activities, or rate the group’s mood on a scale of 1-10. Graphs are automatically generated based on the type of data you’re collecting, and will help you track each client’s progress and the overall progress of your group. Your clients will be amazed at how much they accomplish as a member of your community!


Client Profiles and Goals

A personal space where each client can share information about themselves and list their goals for each program session. Clients can get to know the other members of their community, while you can tailor your feedback according to their needs.



A shared, easily updated space where you can store information for everyone on the site. A great spot for FAQs, resource lists, program archives, and more.


Custom Content Areas

Special areas to display information for your program. Place videos, mp3s, pdfs, class schedules, and more when and where you need them. Customize multiple pages according to your needs, each with it’s own easy to label tab.


Custom Branded Site

Easily customize your Finish Agent site with your own banner, colors, content and tab labels. You can even choose your own text and hyperlink colors, making an integrated look. Make it look just like your own site, or create a whole new brand.