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Are You a Change Agent Whose Clients Don’t Change?

May 10, 2012

 It’s like serving a meal, and your guest won’t take a bite!

When you became a change agent (such as a coach, trainer, or consultant), it wasn’t just for the money, was it? Most of us in this industry were driven to become change agents because we desire to help people make positive changes and forward movement in their lives.

That is also what drives us to reach our clients in the most effective ways possible, to ensure those positive changes.

Recently, I watched Andrea Lee’s Wealthy Thought Leader Conference through simulcast, and she shared two concepts you must consider in order to be an effective and successful coach: consumption and breakage.

Consumption is the first step that clients must take in the change process. They must “consume” your product by reading articles, attending classes, listening to MP3s, watching videos, doing homework, and/or actively participating in your group coaching program.

The customer who consumes your product and implements your coaching and teaching becomes a happy customer who is more likely to buy from you in the future, because she has seen results. Generating this kind of customer loyalty is extremely beneficial for a business because as you know, it is cheaper to keep happy, paying customers than it is to find new ones!

Then, there is breakage: a customer buys your product or service, but does not use it. For example, she purchases your 6-CD package complete with a workbook, but she never even opens your package. She signs up for your teleclass, but doesn’t actually attend it or download the recordings.

Breakage and consumption are the two different sides of the same coin — if your clients don’t consume, what you have is breakage.

Maybe you’re thinking “What’s so bad about breakage? After all, you made money from the sale!”

The problem with breakage is that more than likely, that particular client will not be buying from you in the future, so you lose those upselling opportunities.

 They probably will not buy from you again because:

– In their minds, they have already spent money on you, and it didn’t get them anywhere.

– They did not experience any change that was guided by you, the change agent.

– They don’t discover how wonderful your material is, or how life-changing your message, because they simply did not consume it.

Even worse, when there is breakage, you lose a pivotal opportunity to build customer loyalty and create a long-term client relationship.  You lose your chance to acquire raving fans.

What can you do about this? How can you ensure that your customers consume what they purchase, so that your client relationshipsare as mutually beneficial as possible?

Make consumption part of the offering. Then, consumption becomes the product!

This is an integral part of the Finish Agent System.

Through utilizing Finish Agent, your primary offer becomes the power to get something done in your expert field.

Clients are then attracted to you because, despite knowing what they should do, they had found themselves procrastinating time and time again, and making excuses for not getting their important projects completed. They are sick and tired — of themselves.

The possibility of actually taking action, making positive changes, and experiencing success is what attracts these clients to you – your teaching is still important, but actually secondary.

You, as the change agent, help to create sustainable change for your clients.

Finish Agent is the vehicle to help you increase consumption and reduce breakage: secure loyal clients, and become an unusually effective change agent.  

Serve your clients the meal they really crave, and they’ll keep coming back- for seconds and thirds!

Have you lost customers because of breakage? How do you ensure they actually consume what they buy from you? Please share your experience in the comments section below!



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