Group Coaching Megasummit – it rocked!

computer_mailman_smallPhew! I feel like hibernating in a cave for a month like a bear. But instead I’m hyped up and can’t sleep, because I’m really stoked about the success of the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit.

Many attendees noticed how the expert speakers took a risk and a little bit of a leap in opening up about their experiences in running groups. Their openness gave inspiration and courage to those who listened.

Because others spoke so eloquently about their experiences, I’ve decided to feature a fantastic letter I received from a Megasummit “fan.” If you’re sitting on the fence as to whether to upgrade to VIP status, then perhaps her letter will convince you. (I’ve added bold to some salient points.)

“I’m sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get around to it, but I really wanted to send you my comments about the Megasummit. I know you already know how impressed I was by it, but I have more to say!

Firstly, I think it was an absolutely fantastic introduction to the concept of group coaching. It’s not something I have done yet, but is something that feels very natural for me, and is a concept I’ve been keen to explore for some time…

I think what has been so useful about it has been the very practical approach…you’ve taken a really pragmatic approach to the infrastructure and even the potential problems with group coaching. I especially enjoyed the tips your speakers gave about dealing with difficult clients in a group situation. Having come from an industry (weddings) that is FULL of difficult or potentially difficult clients with unrealistic expectations, I’m certainly no stranger to them, but having practical advice up my sleeve for dealing with them in this context is hugely useful and confidence-giving!

In addition, the speakers who focused on the concepts of niche, ideal clients, list building and marketing, were very interesting and have left me with a list of actions as long as my arm (which isn’t a bad thing!). Perhaps more importantly though, I’ve been left very much with the feeling that the important thing is not to finish the action list before I do something, because taking action in the first instance is what will get me where I need to be.

This is something I was doing to a degree anyway, having learned the hard way in previous business ventures that perfectionism gets me nowhere, but having it reinforced by so many others has spurred me into action. I’m in the process of trying to get enough people together to run a pilot group, in fact. Previously I might have felt that the content needed to come first – actually I’m feeling rather confident now about letting the precise content be driven a little more by the group. It makes perfect sense.

The focus on accountability in a group has me really interested too. One of my husband’s clients (a company rather than an individual) will really benefit from this idea of group accountability, and following a meeting yesterday, they are now working on a project to allow them to be more visibly accountable to each other on an ongoing basis. They have, in fact, tagged the project ‘Group Accountability’, at my suggestion. They met as a group, and it actually worked rather like a group coaching session, with a huge emphasis on supporting each other.

To have a week of listening to people infused with so much positivity has been inspiring, to say the least. The warmth and enthusiasm of every speaker came across loud and clear….

I really feel I have been able to move my business forwards by enormous strides, thanks to the generosity of you and your speakers. Dare I say, this may have been a life changer! Once I have worked out how best to get to the next stage, I now have the knowledge of a veritable arsenal of tools I didn’t know about before that will help me reach the stages that follow…

Warm regards, and thank you again,

Liz Wootton
Human Nature

Here is a list of the benefits that Liz mentioned:

  • Fantastic introduction to the concept of group coaching
  • Practical advice which boosts your confidence
  • Pragmatic approach to infrastructure of groups, including niche, list building, ideal clients and marketing
  • Specific tips as to how to handle situations
  • Gave her a long list of action steps
  • An arsenal of tools she didn’t have before
  • Importance of accountability in groups
  • Feeling of inspiration from listening to such positive people
  • Warmth and enthusiasm coming from speakers
  • Realization the she needs to take action, even before she is fully prepared and ready.
  • Allow the group and content to be more group-driven
  • The Megasummit may have been a life-changer!

Now YOU can get your hands on all the recordings that Liz is referring to, and get the very same benefits that she did! Just go to

And finally, the answer is no, I didn’t know Liz Wootten before and I did not pay her to write all of this!

If you listened to the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit (or any part thereof), I’d love to hear your reactions.

  • What’s one new thing that you learned?
  • What was your biggest takeaway?
  • Which speaker inspired you the most, taught you the most, or was the most open and helpful?

Please comment below – I’d love to hear from you about your experiences. The benefit multiplies when we share.

3 Personal Reasons I’m a Group Coaching Guru

Group PhotoIt’s weird.  I’m an introvert in some respects.  Receptions and cocktail parties make me want to hide and curl up with a good book.

The other strange thing is that I have had terrible experiences in groups that were run poorly.

So why am I a group coaching guru; promoting, teaching and running groups for 30 years?  Here I am, about to host the biggest summit on group coaching that the world has ever seen!

Oh, the link to register for the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit is  
Sign up now; it’s F*R*E`E!

First reason I’m a group coaching guru
As a child, I was lonely a lot.  Our family lived on 3 acres in the woods, and in order to play with someone else, I had to be driven.  

I remember the intense longing I had to belong to something.  I have such a thrilling feeling when I remember joining two things – an after school club at a church, and the Brownies.

Second reason I’m a group coaching guru
The second reason that I like groups is… my mother.  This is a woman who wants to do so much.  She talks about it, she plans, then she does…nothing.  She is now 86, perfectly capable of driving, but refuses to join the senior center that is 5 minutes away.

I grew up with this frustration that she wanted to do more but never did.  I always tried to connect her with groups because, ironically, she came to life when she was in a group.

So seeing my mother transform when she was in a group created a drive in me to see others be transformed in groups.

Third reason I’m a group coaching guru
The third reason is my own experience running groups.  You’ll hear more about that in my talk in the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit (  Let’s just say that I have run groups for 5-year-old boys and for tenured professors who feel blocked from writing their second book.

I see the group magic unfold time and time again.  It’s exciting, inspiring, and truly transformational.  What better motivation could I have to want all coaches who can possibly do so to run groups?

If you’re shy or afraid of running groups, or you’ve had bad experiences yourself in groups, please listen in as these experts reveal their “why’s” and “how’s” of running groups that work and that make them tons of money.  You will be convinced that you, too, can run a wonderful, effective, revenue-generating group!

Sign up now:

See you there!


Be The Change

Starting a new business and want to get known?

As someone who licenses a business system and software to entrepreneurs and companies, I’ve talked to many “heart-centered entrepreneurs” who have no idea how to get their business off the ground.

lady_finger_to_head_2I’ve started two businesses.  I know the kinds of questions that are probably swirling through your head:

  • How do I get known?
  • How do I build a list of responsive, interested people who need and want my services?
  • How do I get the word out about what I have to offer?

Even if you have an incredible product or service, it won’t attract many people until people know about you.  

The best way to build your list, to network, to meet people who you can partner with and who could be your potential clients, is to attend events.

I know what I’m talking about.  My first company, Academic Ladder, Inc., has a mailing list of over 18,000 people.  Finish Agent, Inc. is my second company, and I’ve been building my list and reaching out to people for about 18 months.  

My lists have grown by leaps and bounds because I attend coaching events.  Not only is it effective to attend events, it’s the most fun you can ever have working.

If you’ve never been to an event, here’s what it’s like:

  • You travel somewhere fun and stay in a resort/hotel at a special discounted rate.  Usually I share a room, so the hotel cost is cut in half.
  • There are talks and workshops throughout the day(s) that will give you fabulous ideas for your business.  You will learn so much that your head will spin.
  • There are numerous networking opportunities, and unlike in other social situations, it’s so easy to talk about your business!
  • You meet so many people who are struggling with the same issues that you are, who love what you do, and who want to partner with you.  And you make friends.
  • Even if you are an introvert, you will have so much fun!
  • You come away with a whole batch of business cards from people who are eager to learn about you.  If you have done it the right way, you will also have permission to add these people to your mailing list.
  • You will HAVE FUN!

I’m going into all of this detail because I had never been to these types of events before getting into business, and I wish someone had described the experience to me.   

I got into my first event because a friend gave me a ticket.  I feel so lucky to have been given that ticket, because Finish Agent was “born” at that event!

I’m excited to tell you that I’m going to be a sponsor at Suzanne Evans’ Be the Change Event, which will be held in Orlando, Florida on April 25-28.  

red_exclamation_pointThe reason you should be excited is that as a high-level sponsor, I have a limited number of $997 tickets that I am going to GIVE AWAY.   I’ve decided to offer them here on my blog first, to give my loyal readers a first shot.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the business-building event of the year April 25-28, 2013 in Orlando Florida!


Suzanne Evans, one of the most dynamic, exciting speakers I have ever heard, will be presenting three and a half days of amazing content.  Suzanne has a refreshing, tell-it-like-it-is approach.  When combined with her “unprecedented ability to clearly articulate business breakthrough principles you may have struggled with for years,” you end up with ideas that you not only can use, but you will know how to implement.

On top of that, you will receive your own copy of the Be the Change Profit Secrets Binder. Last year’s version was 266 pages, and was full of Suzanne’s most powerful ideas, actions plans and resources.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Check out the Be the Change website

Click here:  Left_red_arrow_2Left_red_arrow_2

Let me know that you’ve registered using my link, and we can arrange to hang out at the event!

I hope you’ll join me in Orlando on April 25-28.  Now is the perfect time to plan your (tax deductible) 4 days of business-building fun!  

Hurry before they run out – I only have a few, and when they are used up the link won’t work.


This time it’s true: I earned over $100,000 last year in recurring income

I was very busy in October.  First I attended Andrea Lee’s Wealthy Thought Leader Event (she magically pulls creativity out of your head) in San Francisco. Then two weeks later I traveled back across the country to Lisa Sasevich’s Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life Event in San Diego.

Never mind all the wonderful ideas that were bursting out of my head after going to both conferences —  what really hit me was that my paltry attempts at networking actually yielded amazing results!

Despite my crude draft-level business cards, there was something magical that happened when people heard me say, “I earned over $100,000 last year in completely passive income.”

As I explained how I had accomplished this feat, and then told them that I had decided to license the software to other change agents, the cards were practically grabbed from my hands.  And these people followed through — I’ve spent much time on the phone discussing with people how they can make use of this innovative software.  I guess I’ve got an elevator speech!

Finish Agent & Andrea Lee’s The Wealthy Thought Leader

I’ll be attending Andrea Lee’s The Wealthy Thought Leader event September 30 – October 2 in San Francisco.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to share Finish Agent with other attendees, who are, like I am, “change agents” and also business people.  The reason that I’m excited is that it will be my first opportunity to “go public” with the amazing membership site software that I have created.

Finish Agent is a  Client Accountability System. This simple, proven system combines a user-friendly software tool with online group coaching, to motivate and assist your clients to achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Finish Agent will take your membership program, and your ability to reach a much larger group of people with your message, to a whole new level. Clients will experience all of the following:

  • A visual software tool that helps them clearly define their goals, track their progress, and get the support and encouragement they need from both their small group and their online coach (more about this later).
  • A daily structure that will help them take the sometimes difficult, sometimes boring, daily tasks that will help them reach their goals
  • A monthly structure that gets them to pinpoint their goals for the month
  • Interaction with a small group of people who are struggling with exactly the same types of issues in finishing or taking actions on their long-term projects and goals.
  • Graphs of any aspect of their goals, illustrated both cumulatively and on a daily basis
  • Participation in a forum just for their group
  • Chat rooms for either their group or for all groups that are part of the program
  • Self-study materials provided by you or your coaches will be available, if you wish, on a schedule that you determine
  • Teleclasses and group telephone or webinar coaching can, of course, be added as you need it (not part of our system).

You, as the change agent, will experience

  • Recurring revenue
  • Passive income
  • The ability to bring your message and methods to a much wider audience
  • A great way to grow your business
  • The satisfaction in seeing your clients actually follow through with what they had always wanted to do.

Finish Agent was developed for academia and has proven highly effective in assisting both graduate students and professors to complete notoriously difficult writing tasks that can make or break their careers. This same tool has been adapted for you to use with your own clients, to give you a powerful means to help your clients succeed, while increasing your profits with very little effort on your part.

Client Success = Your Success! Use the sign-up box above to join our mailing list. We’ll keep you informed as we develop a variety of options for business owners of all sizes to have access to this invaluable Client Accountability System.  I’m also going to describe an in-depth case study that will help you understand the power of this system to provide you an amazing source of passive income.