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Building community with online coaching: Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

May 3, 2012

Whether or not you are a baseball fan, I’m sure you are familiar with the home team advantage, right? When a team plays a game at their home field, they are more likely to win.

Why is that?

Well, when fans fill the home stadium to cheer their team on, it’s electric! The atmosphere changes, the energy lifts, the team feels incredibly supported and inspired to give it their all! It gives the players an extra boost to win the game… and this increases their likelihood of success.

Do you have fans? Do you have a community that will support your efforts, pick up your spirits when you fall down, and urge you to keep on trying when you are ready to give up? Do you have a core group of supporters who will curse that other team and give you the extra boost of energy you need to hit that homerun?

Unfortunately, many of us are lacking that type of support system.  We are on our own, flying solo as we work on projects that are important to us: writing a book, building a new business, getting healthy, balancing home and work… whatever those projects might be.

Often, family and friends don’t understand why you are working on your Project, or what it is even about. Maybe your coworkers make petty jokes about it, or maybe you haven’t even told anyone about it, fearing criticism.

Maybe you have hired a coach, in an effort to get that support.  Then, you have one fan to cheer you on while motivating you to do even better! However, that pep talk with your coach only happens once a week, or twice a month. Most of us will encounter ups and downs on a daily basis, and we need fans to support us every day.

And only a very expensive coach (or a very broke coach) could actually be there for you every day.

Is there another option for you? And is there another option for your clients, who could also use the home team advantage to conquer their Projects?

Yes! There is another option (and a stellar one!) that can offer that daily support!


Coaching groups.

The coaching world has recently awakened to the fact that building community among clients is a win/win situation for both the clients and the coach!

Creating this opportunity for your clients is simple, if you do it online: onlinecoaching, online groups, and online fans.

Online coaching groups allow for daily accountability, daily interaction, and immediate interactivity between members of your group community. And, there is great power in being accountable to many people rather than to just one.

Groups are a multi-beneficial option for clients, who are able to receive daily support and motivation as they pursue their Projects, while being more cost-effective for both the clients and the coach. The coach is able to charge less to each client, and she is able to earn even more! That’s right: a group costs the client less money and earns the coach more money!

When a group performs at its maximum efficiency, it provides that extra ingredient for the home team advantage: a positive, inspiring environment that clients want to return to. This environment becomes a place where each person knows that they are supported.  In short, a coaching group provides both you and your clients with your own fans!

When each participant in a small group can see and respond to everyone else’s progress, the magic happens, and fans are created.

In addition, to create a group that is destined for success, a coach must build community within that group. When a coach can bring this special factor of the home team advantage to a group, members will stay active, loyal, and they will keep coming back.

So what if there was a way to run an online coaching group or membership site that offered this kind of daily accountability for its members, and allowed the coach to check in less frequently, so that she could concentrate on things like building the community for the members?

There is a way, and it is available to you!

Finish Agent!

In the picture to the right, you can see Finish Agent’s accountability-based Progress Page at the top. When a group member clicks on today’s date, the questions that he (Angelo, in this case) needs to answer appear below.

In the right-hand column, the coach and group members can all cheer him on, empathize with him, offer advice, and generally help him progress toward his goals.

Here’s what’s key: members are specifically responding to what he wrote regarding his progress that day.

Note that everyone in the group can see who has responded to the questions by looking at the green checkmarks, and can then click on the checkmarks to comment and read other fans’ responses.

Just a friendly “Good job!” can be enough to help someone wake up the next day excited to work on their Project again.

As for the coach’s interaction on the site, I’ve found that in my membership site, (upon which the Finish Agent software was based), the coach only needs to comment 2 to 3 times a week, and those comments can be brief! (I will go into effective online coaching in more depth in an upcoming blog post.)

Knowing that your fans are following your progress and rooting for you has immense power for sports teams, and it will for you and your clients, too!


 [This post was inspired by Shelley Hanna’s “8 Steps to Getting the Life you Want – Your Awesomeness Project,” a mini course that you can get on her site (week 2 in particular).]

I hope you’re starting to see a whole new way to become a successful, effective, less hardworking, and more smart-working coach!

Have you ever been part of a group where you felt that the others were your raving fans? Has the support and accountability of others helped you to launch your treasured Projects? I’d love to hear about it. Please share your experience in the comments below!



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