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Are You a Content-Creating Machine or a Coach? How I Survived My Year from Hell!

Do you love creating content for your programs?

Do you enjoy constantly inventing new, innovative products and formulating creative ways to package your offers – week after week and month after month?

I’m sure that, in the beginning, you felt an absolute high from building your business and sharing your work and passion with the world. When you launch a new product and get great results, the experience is incredibly satisfying!

But do you think that you will continue to love this process of creating content and innovative products year after year? What happens if you become burned out?

Or, what if (heaven forbid!) something goes wrong in your life and you suddenly aren’t able to create a new product launch or write content every week?

For five years, I regularly wrote a newsletter. And for nearly two of those years, I was writing those newsletters once a week. But somewhere along the way, I grew tired of the process of creating that content, so I began slowing down my output to biweekly… and then to monthly.

And then, life happened.

My back started hurting, and the pain became worse and worse. Sitting down was incredibly painful – so my options were to either stand up or lie flat.   As you can imagine, my physical limitations affected my ability to work all. (Try typing on your laptop while lying down!)

I endured a year of pain and frustration while the insurance company postponed my much-needed surgery for what doctors later discovered was a bone spur sticking into my spine. When the time finally came to undergo the procedure, I was hopeful that my hard times were about to pass.

However, during this same time, my father faced his own health challenges and had triple bypass surgery.

And then, to top it all off, I had to go through a divorce.  I recovered from the back surgery alone.

It was a rough year.

It wasn’t quite the optimal situation for creating content, or new innovative products to inspire the masses, and keep my revenue flowing in.

Thank goodness I had a system in place that literally saved my business throughout that year from Hell! It made money for me while I was unable to work… and without it, I just don’t know what I would have done.

What was this system? A unique membership site that I had created and that didn’t require continual formation of content. Instead, this site focuses on the process of getting things done.  It is completely focused on helping people to move into (and remain in) action.

And why is it so effective? Because based on my work with thousands of professionals, I know that once you come to terms with exactly what it is that you want to do in the world, you’ve only taken the very first step.

What comes next is the arduous task of taking that official first step, and then the next, and the next, and the next, and continuing to progress forward even as you face external and internal barriers along the way.

If you can find a way, like I did, to pair your teaching with a method that guides your clients to take those consistent steps toward achieving their goals, I suggest jumping on it. Not only for their success – but for your own!

You just never know when life is going to throw you for a loop… but with a program in place like the one I’m talking about here, you don’t have to stress about the bills along with everything else that’s going on!

Check out this screenshot of a Progress Page for one of the 40 groups that are a part of my membership site, the Academic Writing Club. (http://academicwritingclub.com). I offer this program through my first business, Academic Ladder, Inc., which serves professors and grad students wrestling with writer’s block.

See all those little green checkmarks? Each one represents an actual day that members logged in and worked toward their goals, allowing them to effectively monitor their progress toward successful goal achievement.

(And, did I mention that I don’t even have to run the site? The entire program is run by two managers and 13 coaches!)

And here’s where it gets good:

I have created an opportunity like this just for you.

You can do the same thing I did! You can “weatherproof” your business against the storms of life, by creating a get-it-done, process-oriented membership site, customized to your niche, your clients, and your teaching!

Below is a screenshot of the same Progress Page as above, but this one is from my new site (Finish Agent), which licenses membership site software to you, the business owner. (This example is customized for Zoom Crew, an up-and-coming business.)

I will be offering more information about this spectacular opportunity for you in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, start celebrating this: you can earn a living without having to create content! How would you spend your time if you had a membership site making passive income for you? What would it be worth to you to weatherproof your business against the storms of life? Please leave a comment below!

If you have questions about how I run my membership site or about how to license the software from Finish Agent, please enter them below or email me at info@finishagent.com.

And by the way, my back is much better now, and so is my life!

1 thought on “Are You a Content-Creating Machine or a Coach? How I Survived My Year from Hell!

  1. Ellen Hill said:

    Dear Gina,

    Thank you for your generous offer to answer questions re: how you run your membership site and licensing the Finish Agent software.

    I am a Health Coach who is very keen on the idea of transitioning to group coaching (online) and have delayed moving in that direction as I did not wish to have a group program with either a high attrition rate or with the participants not consistently reaching their goals/achieving transformation. When I received your eBook about holding Get-It-Done workgroups as part of the 2019 Coaches’ Give Away, I visited your Finish Agent website and was excited about the potential that your software (and, possibly, also the use of a membership site) may have as the framework for developing my group coaching business. I am looking forward to any information that you can provide.

    Warmest Regards,
    Ellen Hill

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