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Finish Agent is a new kind of system — a Client Accountability System — a complete system for change agents (like you) to use with their clients to dramatically affect how quickly, and how well their clients achieve their goals.

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Gina Hiatt, PhDGina Hiatt, PhD, developed the original software system as a result of watching academics struggle to complete critical writing projects.  She realized that a combination of coaching with a visual, interactive membership system, would give clients a way to create, track, and achieve their goals.  The result?  Hundreds of academics from all over the world have used her system to complete their theses, dissertations, professional papers, and to reach their professional career goals.

Now Gina is adapting her Client Accountability System — Finish Agent — for use by book-writing coaches, mastermind group leaders, productivity coaches, or anyone who inspires, teaches, coaches or nudges people to change.  In other words, “change agents.”

Change agents are also business owners.  Smart business owners are always looking for ways to enhance their service offerings while increasing profits.

In order for you to succeed, for your reputation to grow, it’s vital that your clients become successful.  But how do you keep them motivated and on task?  How do you get them to take action, rather than just making plans?  How do you get them to implement what you’ve taught them on an ongoing basis?  How do you make sure that they don’t just take in your information, coaching and guidance, but succeed in having your input help them achieve their goals?  Finish Agent is your secret weapon.

We have years of experience with over a thousand graduate students and professors who have used the Finish Agent client accountability system.  Over and over, clients are thrilled with the effectiveness of our unique, customizable software system that gives them a way to interact with you or your coaches and with a small-group of peers.  They love having a visual tracking system where they (and others) can see their progress and comment on it.  We know it’s effective because we have literally hundreds of letters and emails from previously hopeless, procrastinating, and blocked academics who thank us for helping them achieve their most important goals — writing their dissertations or theses, or getting tenure and promotions.  Here’s just one example:

“I am currently an [Academic Writing Club] member and am almost finished with my dissertation. I defend in two weeks thanks to Academic Ladder.

….I tell everyone I know about the club. I started in August and I know the club kept me on track. I already have a few friends who are thinking of using it…

I only wish I had known sooner.

Thank you again and thank you for the club!”

Kathryn M. Silva Banks
PhD Candidate, Department of History
University of South Carolina, Columbia
[Identifying information and quote used with permission]


Are you ready to think big?  Are you ready to see your clients truly thrive?  Are you ready to incorporate not just a tool, but a system that helps you free up your time while increasing your profits?  Contact us now for more information:  info@finishagent.com