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Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, and Change Agents:

Work Smart, Earn More,
and Help Clients Achieve

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Create a Community

Often clients get better results in a group setting than they do from one-on-one coaching! By creating online coaching groups with Finish Agent, you can actually increase the effectiveness of your coaching and teaching, while reducing the time and labor you put into it. Remember: selling the keys to a website full of articles won't get your clients to work consistently towards their goals, and it won’t motivate them to stay in your membership site -- but using the Finish Agent system to coach them in small, productive groups will.


Using the Finish Agent system to help creative and non-fiction writers finish their projects in the Writer's Circle has been amazing. So far we have seen three novels, two screenplays, thirty poems, and one parenting book completed, and have countless other projects underway.

Jenna Avery
Screenwriter, Coach, Writer's Circle Founder

A Finish Agent community:

  • Requires less work from you and leads to better client results than membership sites based solely on content
  • Keeps clients focused on taking daily actions and achieving their goals
  • Results in committed clients who love you and spread your message
  • Allows you to scale your business from few to many, with no additional effort

Maximize Your Impact

Thrilled customers become raving fans. When clients get past their resistance and blocks, they will tell the world about you! Finish Agent’s methodology and accountability-based tools allow you to track progress and find out where they are stuck. Help more people get past their own fears and distractions and move them towards the personal transformation they crave.

I have been using Finish Agent with my groups since January 2012. I must admit I was at first a bit skeptical due to the simplicity of the site and the process, but all I can say is, it works! Clients love it!

Joyce Yamashita
Yorkworks Canada


With Finish Agent, you have the ability to:

  • Provide better coaching based on individual daily results
  • Charge less per person, while earning more money
  • Make your services available to more people
  • Grow your group from one to many
  • And yes, coach 100’s of clients in small, personal, more productive groups (you’ll others to coach online for you)

Earn More, Work Less

The most amazing thing about Finish Agent is how you can use it to help more clients achieve their goals, while giving you more free time than ever, while transforming your into business into a source of passive income. We’ll even show you how to do it:

  1. Start with one group or many (if you have an established program)
  2. Drive membership growth while you retain current members
  3. When you have too many groups to run on your own, hire coaches to run them for you!

I want to let you know how very impressed with Finish Agent I am. I simply love how it has so many great features all in one spot. Finish Agent is so much easier and the participants are interacting! Thank you very much!

Sue Clement
Success Coaching

That’s it - by creating a Finish Agent community, you can eventually provide hundreds of clients with highly effective coaching services at a lower cost to them, while working less and maximizing your own passive income stream. And unlike traditional membership sites, which promise new content month after month, Finish Agent focuses on getting clients to take action, with the help of accountability and just-in-time coaching. So you can spend less time creating new classes, and more time building your business and coaching!

We've Proven it Works

Founder Gina Hiatt and many other coaches and change agents have used Finish Agent to change their businesses and their lives. Gina earned over $350,000 in passive income from her own site last year. We give you all you need to conceptualize, create, and market your new program, so you can achieve what Gina and so many others have done. Put your own stamp on our winning formula, and follow your personal path to success!

It's great to know I have a community of support behind me when I'm are tackling a big challenge. Focused, simple, incremental changes can impact your business in a big way.

Dawn Raquel Jensen


With Finish Agent, you get:

  • A way to leverage your time while creating a successful business
  • The ability to help more people while working fewer hours
  • A chance to create recurring revenue that grows each month
  • A scaleable, repeatable, proven system that works

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