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7 Reasons to Run a Raffle

Recently (see previous post), I ran a raffle in order to entice you to answer one or two questions that would help me design my next offer.

This led some of you to wonder whether you should run a raffle yourself, and if so, how!

Since this raffle has been quite successful, I thought I would share some of the details with you.  Here are my reasons for running raffles – maybe some of them will make sense for you.

7 Reasons to Run a Raffle

  1. People are often too busy to participate without a compelling reason.
  2. No matter how big your list is, only a percentage will participate. If you have a list of 100,000 like the big gurus, then you don’t have to worry about participation rates. (I’m not a big guru with a list of 100,000).
  3. Raffles give you an opportunity to interact with more members of your audience
  4. Raffles increase community engagement in general
  5. Raffles are fun and I like to make things fun for my community! Even people who don’t win enjoy entering a raffle.
  6. People will associate you and your business with a positive feeling
  7. There’s a cost in time and/or money to grow your list, but the cost of a raffle is relatively low.

With my first business I often held raffles, to get my readers to participate in polls and surveys. Even though that community consisted of professors and graduate students, the raffles brought in a big return and really helped grow my list in the early years.

In addition, each 4-week session of the Academic Writing Club (my flagship writing productivity membership site) brings another opportunity to win a free session. Anyone who is a paid-up member is automatically entered in the raffle.  Emails that say, “Raffle Deadline” help potential members decide to take action. The raffle serves as a “scarcity warning” and a call to action that gets people off the fence. 

Another benefit of the Academic Writing Club raffle is that when we awarding the free session, we use it as an opportunity to collect a testimonial from the winner.

So consider what you would like to accomplish with your community and whether a raffle could work for you!

Preliminary Raffle Results

The last time I checked, there were 63 comments on the raffle blog post. (Think about it; wouldn’t you like to get 63 comments on your next blog post?)

I’ve started to categorize them, but I think you’ll agree if you read through them that the most obvious requests are for what you might call Online Business 101 (especially marketing), including detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to do the various tasks involved in running an online business.

So I’m more determined than ever to run a Get-It-Done program for online service-based entrepreneurs! Tentatively, I’m going to name it the Get-It-Done Club, brought to you by Finish Agent.

To that end, I’ve created an example of the kind of detailed, step-by-step instructions, checklists and to-do lists you will be getting in this program – see the next section!

Bonus: Get-It-Done Guide for running your own raffle!

Click the link below to access the Get-It-Done Raffle Guide, which contains:

  1. A 2-part, detailed checklist to help you a.) Decide whether to run a raffle, and then b.) Figure out the details of your raffle
  2. A to-do list to prepare for and run your raffle
  3. An email template that you can use to create your own announcement of your raffle


I really had fun running this raffle and seeing all the responses.  Try it yourself!

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