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3 Personal Reasons I’m a Group Coaching Guru

Group PhotoIt’s weird.  I’m an introvert in some respects.  Receptions and cocktail parties make me want to hide and curl up with a good book.

The other strange thing is that I have had terrible experiences in groups that were run poorly.

So why am I a group coaching guru; promoting, teaching and running groups for 30 years?  Here I am, about to host the biggest summit on group coaching that the world has ever seen!

Oh, the link to register for the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit is http://groupcoachingsummit.com  
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First reason I’m a group coaching guru
As a child, I was lonely a lot.  Our family lived on 3 acres in the woods, and in order to play with someone else, I had to be driven.  

I remember the intense longing I had to belong to something.  I have such a thrilling feeling when I remember joining two things – an after school club at a church, and the Brownies.

Second reason I’m a group coaching guru
The second reason that I like groups is… my mother.  This is a woman who wants to do so much.  She talks about it, she plans, then she does…nothing.  She is now 86, perfectly capable of driving, but refuses to join the senior center that is 5 minutes away.

I grew up with this frustration that she wanted to do more but never did.  I always tried to connect her with groups because, ironically, she came to life when she was in a group.

So seeing my mother transform when she was in a group created a drive in me to see others be transformed in groups.

Third reason I’m a group coaching guru
The third reason is my own experience running groups.  You’ll hear more about that in my talk in the First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit (http://groupcoachingsummit.com).  Let’s just say that I have run groups for 5-year-old boys and for tenured professors who feel blocked from writing their second book.

I see the group magic unfold time and time again.  It’s exciting, inspiring, and truly transformational.  What better motivation could I have to want all coaches who can possibly do so to run groups?

If you’re shy or afraid of running groups, or you’ve had bad experiences yourself in groups, please listen in as these experts reveal their “why’s” and “how’s” of running groups that work and that make them tons of money.  You will be convinced that you, too, can run a wonderful, effective, revenue-generating group!

Sign up now: http://groupcoachingsummit.com

See you there!


5 thoughts on “3 Personal Reasons I’m a Group Coaching Guru

  1. admin said:

    I didn’t know you were a psychotherapist, Christine! I’m a clinical psychologist and spent close to 3 decades in private practice! Maybe you would be interested in being interviewed for the Second Annual Group Coaching Megasummit!

    Stephanie and Christine, isn’t it funny how many of us identify ourselves as introverts, but others don’t necessarily see us that way? I just had the thought, maybe groups are even better for introverts than for extroverts, who may have an easier time speaking up!

  2. I too am an introvert and feel uncomfortable going to cocktail parties or networking events. One thing that helps me is to give myself a task, like asking a little research question of the people I run into at an event. Having been a psychotherapist for over 20 years, I know the power of group dynamics and employ it in my health coaching practice. While many receive the benefits, I am always a little sad for the ones who don’t participate fully. I need to work on helping everyone participate more fully.

  3. admin said:

    Daphne, I’m glad to know I’m not alone in being a riddle wrapped inside an enigma. It’s like we can shine our star for a while, then we need to stop twinkling and rest.

    Very ironic that you coordinated networking events of all things. Maybe it’s easier to run an event than to network in it!

  4. We certainly share the desire to curl up with a good book rather than go to a cocktail party. As much as I love being in front of audiences and groups I really resonate with, I’m still introverted heart. One thing that I’ve found about creating your own group programs is that you’re creating it based on the type of person and their energy that you resonate with. Maybe your group is a group of all introverts!

    I’m so glad that you see the benefit of groups & are teaching other people how to do it effectively. The lineup that you have for your mega summit is outstanding! Can’t wait to listen and soak up their brilliance.
    Stephanie Calahan recently posted..Living the Mobile Life – Colleagues Share Their Virtual Business Strategies and ToolsMy Profile

  5. Daphne said:

    Wow, funny. I’m an only child, an introvert and I feel the same way you do at networking events. Ironically, in one job I had, I coordinated networking events! Great encouragement. Thanks!

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