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Make Recurring, Passive Income with Online
Get-It-Done™ and Habit-Building™ Accountability Groups

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Free Webinar for Service-Based Entrepreneurs:

Run Online Groups That Work! Make Recurring, Passive Income with Online Get-It-Done™ and Habit-Building™ Accountability Groups

Introducing a new way to

  • Keep your students accountable so they take action and reach their goals
  • Run coaching groups that never end to help clients continue to scale new horizons 
  • Create continuity programs so that you don’t lose potential future clients as soon as a group ends
  • Run a membership site that’s not dependent on content — what a relief!
  • Make sure your clients, students, patients, or team get the results you and they want! 


This webinar is for:

Looking for better solution

  • Any coaches who is tired of their clients not getting results, especially from groups or classes
  • Any coach who wants to provide accountability that works, without extra work
  • Authors and speakers who would love to have a continuity program
  • Anyone who is looking for a way to leverage their time, but who also cares about client results
  • Service professionals in helping industries (hospital, personal trainers, professional organizers, etc.) who want to make sure their clients or patients follow through.
  • Change agents who help clients to work on long-term projects OR to form positive DAILY habits that stick.
  • Anyone who has daily exercises (physical, mental, writing) where it’s ideal to not only do the exercise, but think through the effects daily while it’s fresh in their mind each day.

Hi! I’m Gina Hiatt, Ph.D., President of Finish Agent® Inc. and Academic Ladder® Inc.  I’m also the founder of the Academic Writing Club™, and founder and host of the annual Group Coaching Megasummit.

I’ve found a way to help clients get amazing results in online accountability groups. I now have a membership site with about 40 groups, run by my coaches.

This year alone, I’m on track to earn almost half a million dollars in passive income!

Gina Hiatt

I’m hosting this webinar live on two dates:

1. For those who signed up for early notification:

Tuesday, March 28 at 2:00 Eastern (Convert to your time zone)

Run Online Groups That Work: Make Recurring, Passive Income with Online Get-It-Done™ and Habit-Building™ Accountability Groups

In this LIVE webinar, you will:

green-checkLearn what’s NOT working in the coaching industry for most coaches and why:

  • Focusing mostly on high-end clients and premium pricing is usually not the answer, and why it’s often more work and headaches than it’s worth.
  • Very few coaches make a livable income, and how you can more simply and easily build real financial wealth and time freedom.
  • A majority of clients don’t get results with online courses and coaching programs. In fact, most clients who buy them never actually complete or implement them – and some never even log in!
  • Content-based membership sites are getting harder to sell, and why clients don’t stay and don’t refer their friends.
  • Coaches who run accountability groups often fail and the fatal mistakes they unknowingly make.
  • Creating truly passive, recurring income through the same old methods alone just doesn’t work.

green-checkLearn why Get-It-Done™ and Habit-Building™ Accountability Groups, done right:

  • Are easier to sell than other products, services and programs you may currently be offering.
  • Can be a lucrative, stand-alone business without tons of content. Learn how Gina makes close to $500K annually in mostly passive income with her online small-group accountability-based membership site.
  • Will complement, work with, serve as an upsell, and add value to any course or content-based program.
  • Get clients to actually do the work, achieve their goals, and get tangible results. They’ll actually enjoy the process and look forward to taking daily action.
  • Greatly increases client retention. Clients will happily pay and stay for months and even years!
  • Generate massive referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, effortlessly attracting clients who sell themselves without costly, time-consuming marketing and sales tactics.
  • Can grow without limit. With the right structure and systems, you could literally serve hundreds and even thousands of clients with a small, inexpensive, and easily-managed team.
  • Are one of the best models for growing a sustainable, legitimate 6 to 7-figure passive, recurring income coaching business.


Make Recurring, Passive Income with Online
Get-It-Done™ and Habit-Building™ Accountability Groups

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