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The Online Group Success System™

Powered by Finish Agent Software!

It’s not just a course, it’s an experience!

Attention! Coaches, trainers, consultants, memberships, accountability groups:

  Finish Agent Group Accountability System

Learn How to Build Get-it-Done Groups™ or Habit-Building Groups™ that get clients amazing results and generate recurring and passive income for you, while working in our unique and proprietary software and business system

You can have your groups up and running in 60 days or less.


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The Online Group Success System!

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Do any of these frustrations sound familiar?

•    Clients don’t do the work and don’t get results

•    You don’t have a way that works to keep your clients accountable

•    You’re no different from other coaches in your niche

•    It’s difficult to sell clients into your programs and services

•    You can’t keep your clients long enough to reach their goals

•    Clients are not referring others

•    You’re running groups or classes, but people aren’t doing the work and are NOT getting the results!

•    You’re on the income roller coaster, not earning enough, working too much, needing a break…


The Online Group Success System™ solves these problems.


It’s designed to attract, retain and get referrals from clients 
because more of your clients will finally:

•    Engage with you, your program, and your community

•    Enjoy their small group so much, that they will want to stick together

•    Be thrilled that they are getting results and achieving their goals!

•    Experience the true value of what you do.


group of happy people

… which means they will:


•    Stay with you longer (years instead of weeks)!

•    Buy more from you – more products, more services, more premium packages.

•    Be talking about you a lot, and others will notice their transformation.

•    Naturally and enthusiastically refer their family, friends, and colleagues!


This system works with every type of group, regardless of industry or topic…

as long as your mission is to help your clients build good daily habits or get long-term projects done, through accountability and group support.

A few examples of our already successful licensees include groups on:

  • yoga and meditation practices
  • weight loss and diabetes management
  • fitness
  • career changing and job searching
  • sales
  • non-fiction or fiction writers
  • small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • time management, procrastination and productivity
  • wealth building and money management
  • insert your niche here!

I’m Gina Hiatt, Creator of The Online Group Success System™ and Finish Agent® Software

Gina Hiatt


I earned $455,000 last year in passive recurring income from running online groups, and you can too!

After years of coaching academics, I saw first-hand the challenges that graduate students and faculty have in completing long-term writing projects, suffering from procrastination, and lack of structure.  In my own Ph.D. studies, I was in the same boat, and I struggled, too!

That’s why I saw a need and an opportunity to create online accountability and support groups.  So I started Academic Ladder® Inc. (the company), the Academic Writing Club (the groups, membership site, and software), and eventually Finish Agent® (the software I built for you, so you could do the same!) to support the groups.

My system is proven because I’ve had thousands of participants in the Academic Writing Club over the last 10 years and I have the data to show that our online groups work!

Just look at our retention numbers:

  • 49 have been members for over 5 years*
  • 101 have been members for over 4 years
  • 352 have been members for an average of 3 years
  • 450 have been members for almost 2 years

*The longer our programs run, the longer our members stay – these retention numbers are improving with every passing year.

When you retain clients, your baseline income increases exponentially as more and more people join.  You can finally eliminate those drastic dips on your income roller coaster and count on making money which doesn’t just maintain, but grows, consistently every month.

That’s peace of mind and the key to financial freedom!

Why is my system so powerful and our retention so high? Because it develops habits that stick!  Here’s one Academic Writing Club member’s comment: 


“I surprised myself by continuing to write for so long today! I think I’ve really gotten into the writing groove finally, and I’m hooked on making consistent progress a little every day. I don’t think I can go back to doing 0-zilch-nada any one day. I’m seriously hooked on the high of getting work done every day. Thank you, thank you, Academic Writing Club!”


  • I’ve listened, learned, tweaked, and tested our methods. I’ve used my expertise in group psychology and dynamics, goal setting and achievement, and cognitive behavioral theory to create lasting habits.
  • My team and I have become experts at the business of running online coaching groups.  We know how to scale to add groups, build coaching teams, and create a business that can generate 6 to potentially 7-figures annually. I have a team of 20 coaches running 40 groups (and will teach you how to do this, too)
  • We’ve made many enhancements and upgrades to the Finish Agent software, to maximize the outcomes for your groups


Now the Online Group Success System™ is a complete package that incorporates all of our best training, practices, support and tools, so YOU can replicate our success!


“Dr. Gina Hiatt is the embodiment of the courage, foresight, and action it takes to be a leader.  Her Finish Agent® software and system revolutionizes how people get things DONE.  It’s a pivotal invention for personal development.”


Andrea J. Lee
CEO, Wealthy Thought Leader


Just what do you get?

The 6 Pillars of The Online Group Success System™ Are:

    1. 6-Week Group Design and Business-Building Course: Learn proven methods for creating, filling, and managing effective Get-it-Done and Habit-Building groups that retain happy clients; as well as the secrets to growing a group-centered business that generates 6 to 7-figures of recurring passive income annually!
    2. Free Software License for Life: Receive a FREE LIFETIME LICENSE to our proprietary Finish Agent® software ($3,500 value!) which allows you to manage your groups expertly and effectively. No other software on the market comes close to having the features that Finish Agent® has for creating successful online groups.
    3. First-Hand Experience in Online Group Coaching in Finish Agent®: Experience online group coaching from founder Gina Hiatt and other Finish Agent® coaches. Be coached while you also learn and observe the art and science of coaching groups that you can apply to your groups.
    4. Be Part of Community of Peers: Network and build relationships, get support, test ideas, give and receive feedback, share resources, work through challenges, celebrate victories, and partner and collaborate with other group-building professionals.
    5. Extensive Resource Library: We’ve got additional trainings and tutorials to  get you started in our Finish Agent® software and to dive deeper on specific topics of running groups and building your business.
    6. Personal Goal Achievement and Leadership Development: Best of all, you will banish your own procrastination, increase your productivity, learn the skills and instill the habits to implement and build your business (or achieve any goal) even faster!

More About Your Free Lifetime Finish Agent® License:

The most powerful and proven software designed for online  groups, subscription-based groups or membership sites based on being accountable and taking action


  • ONLINE-ONLY GROUPS:  It’s a complete solution.  Run your entire online group business from one place!
  • OFFLINE GROUPS: Add value and online support to any live groups you run by staying connected and making progress between meetings
  • SAVE MONEY AND STREAMLINE:  Use Finish Agent in place of other costly or clunky membership, group-management and content-delivery platforms
  • ADD UNIQUE FEATURES AND BENEFITS:  Or if you already have other membership and content delivery platforms you use and love, then add Finish Agent to your mix for the unique features and benefits you only get from Finish Agent, and make your programs more effective


What is This Software all About?  Finish Agent® Features at a Glance


DAILY PROGRESS GRID:  The progress page is a unique and powerful feature that only Finish Agent provides.  The grid helps your clients build and maintain a habit of daily work or practice, by providing progress tracking, accountability, and structure. It allows the coach to see at a glance the progress of each group member.  You’ll know instantly which members are active and which members are struggling and need more help. Finish Agent Progress Page
DAILY COACHING QUESTIONS: These are customizable questions your clients answer each day they check in.  This simple but powerful process has clients stick to their goals, log their actions, and reflect on their progress, giving them clarity of purpose and make sure they keep on taking those small but important actions. feature-questions
COACH AND PEER SUPPORT: Community and connections are fostered as coaches and fellow small group members read each others’ responses and offer supportive comments, helping to keep each other motivated to push through obstacles, and stay on track. feature-comments
DISCUSSION FORUMS: Special areas to stimulate and organize group discussions, to increase engagement, sharing and community building.  Separate forums are available for each program, and for each of the smaller groups within them. feature-forums

LIVE CHAT:  A live chat feature for each of your programs, small groups within each program or even your entire site — perfect for coach-hosted real-time discussions, tip sharing sessions, group challenges, and more!

GRAPHS:  Graphs are automatically generated based on the type of data you’re collecting, and will help you track each client’s progress and the overall progress of your group.  It’s visually impactful — your clients will be amazed at how much they accomplish as a member of your community!

CLIENT PROFILES & GOALS: A personal space where each client can share information about themselves and list their goals for each program session. Clients can get to know the other members of their community, while you can tailor your feedback according to their needs.

WIKI: A shared, easily updated space where you can store information for everyone on the site. A great spot for FAQs, resource lists, program archives, and more.

CUSTOM CONTENT AREAS: Special areas to enter ALL the information for your program and classes. Embed videos, mp3s, PDFs, class schedules, and more when and where you need them. Tabs, sub-tabs and drop-down modules allow a huge choice in displaying your content.  Drip content is also available. If you have your content hosted elsewhere, just link to it from here.

CUSTOM BRANDED SITE: Easily customize your Finish Agent® site with your own banner, colors, content, tab labels and some tab icons! You can even choose your own text and hyperlink colors, making an integrated look. Make it look just like your own site, or create a whole new brand.

For more information about Finish Agent® software, please visit our features page 


“With [The Online Group Success System™] and Finish Agent® software, I made over $10,000 in my first month of business. The system is a complete training on how to run a group coaching site – everything from setting up the whole enterprise, to getting clients, to successful group dynamics, and more.

In 6 months, I’ve grown to 120 people in my program with a high retention rate.  That’s about $11,000 per 4 weeks in revenue, and after expenses (business expenses and coaches I’ve hired to manage the groups), I net about $7,000 a month on less than 1 hour a day of work.”

– Adam B, Writing Coach, NYC, NY


“We’ve been running our low and high ticket programs with Finish Agent® for 6 months, and it’s amazing! Everything is in one place – program content, progress tracking, interactive mentoring, and community – so it meets all of our practical needs.

We’ve tried A LOT of different accountability, membership, and forum software over the years, but none has had the functionality and one-stop efficiency that Finish Agent® has. NONE.”

– Mikhael Solenne and Amethyst Wyldfyre


To Recap, WITH OUR Online Group Success System, you can get your own ONLINE Group COACHING BUSINESS UP AND RUNNING in 60 days or less!

It includes:  

  1. 6-WEEK LIVE ONLINE COURSE: Covers everything you need to run effective groups and build and manage a successful 6 to 7-figure online group business taught via LIVE webinar with interactive Q&A by me, Gina Hiatt!
  2. SOFTWARE: Receive A FREE LIFETIME LICENSE of the Finish Agent® software (normally $3,500!)
  3. COACHING: Get coached while learning the unique art and science of group coaching.
  4. COMMUNITY: Participate in your own Finish Agent® student group for networking, support, and collaboration.
  5. RESOURCES: Go deeper with our extensive online training library.
  6. GOAL ACHIEVEMENT AND LEADERSHIP: Learn how to help your clients by being one!  You’ll participate in a group as a client would, working on your personal and professional goals, so that you can lead your clients to do the same.


“I have been using Finish Agent® with my groups since January 2012…  Clients love it! They reach their goals, and they find encouragement and support and provide it to others.  Some of their responses have been “pure gold” as they gain new insights about themselves and incorporate these changes into their lives. I also really like the fact that the system is research-based, and the licensee site gives you everything you need to succeed with the program. Thanks Gina!”
Joyce Yamashita
Yorkworks Canada


The Online Group Success System™ will quickly pay for itself.

It’s possible to earn back more than your entire investment in your very first month of leading your own groups, should you follow our steps.


This is a pilot program.  It’s the first time we have pooled all of our resources into one complete system that virtually guarantees your success, should you follow our steps.



“The only way to build wealth and passive income in a coaching-oriented business is to move beyond one-on-one clients to working one-on-many with groups.  Groups are THE way to leverage yourself without limit while providing tremendous value to your clients, because they’ll get even better results!

With groups you can help more people while having more fun. You can build a business that practically builds itself. You can train teams to lead groups for you, so you’ll be able to choose how much or how little you work.  Most importantly, you’ll be changing lives for the better and a creating a lasting legacy of your work.
Gina is far and away the expert on developing successful online groups, and The Online Group Success System™ and Finish Agent® is the most powerful combination I’ve seen to develop this kind of business quickly. Just follow the steps!
I use it myself, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!”
Michelle Demers - Head Shot

Michelle Demers

Founder of Groupology (JoinGroupology.com)

Creator of “Design 6 Figure Programs”

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I have to attend the LIVE webinars?

While we encourage you to attend the live webinars, so you can stay on pace with the program, have the opportunity to ask questions, and get laser coaching, it’s completely fine to listen to the recordings, which will be made available 1-2 days following the live webinar.  You can also ask questions and get help in your Finish Agent® group.  Either way, sign up for this program! (You do not need to attend live to earn the $100 credit.)

  • When can I start using Finish Agent® to set up my own groups?

You will receive your own lifetime Finish Agent® license in week 5 of the course, after you’ve experienced 4 weeks as a student in a Finish Agent® group, so you can understand the full experience before you start your own groups.

Please note, even though your will receive the license in week 5, if you are on a payment plan and don’t complete your payments, your Finish Agent® license will be suspended (any groups you are running will be put on hold) until all payments are made.

  • I already have a membership site and content delivery platform that I use. Do I need Finish Agent®? Will Finish Agent® integrate with it?

You can keep your current membership software for the content delivery piece and add Finish Agent® for the accountability piece. You can create a tab in your membership site that links to Finish Agent® so it feels cohesive from the client experience.

Or you may find Finish Agent® has all of the features and benefits you need to run your online community and groups, and you may end up transferring over to it completely to streamline and save money. It’s up to you!

  • I’m not far enough along in building my business to start a group. What will I learn?

It’s never too soon to take this program! In fact, you’ll be better off because you can design your business right from the start. Your goals for this class will vary depending on where you are in your business.  If you’re more of a beginner, this class will show you a model that you can aim for, and equip you with all that you need to run groups in Finish Agent®.  We can’t give you a big mailing list, though! The good thing is that you, yourself, will be learning good daily habits for building your business.  Work in your small group to create goals that are realistic and meaningful to you, and you will get a lot out of this program.

  • Are there additional fees?

Yes.  Your lifetime Finish Agent® license will be free, but you will pay a minimal user fee for each client in the software. (This is industry standard for this type of software.)  The current rate is $10 per client per 4 weeks they are in Finish Agent®. However, it actually costs you nothing if you include this fee in what you charge your clients. That way clients cover their own fees.

The Online Group Success System™ is so comprehensive that most will not feel the need for additional help.  However, we have additional coaching and tech support available for an additional fee, should you want it. Please inquire.

  • How do I qualify for the $100 credit for full participation?

It’s easy! The guidelines will be posted in the member area of the course, and it will be very clear what is required.  Essentially, we are looking for you to post to your group several times a week and interact in writing with other group members.  This only amounts to about 15 minutes or less per day, which is what we recommend to build those habits and maximize your experience. You can use this very same strategy with your own groups to increase participation and motivation.

  • You’ve demonstrated success within academia, but will The Online Group Success System™ work for me?

Yes! Our methodologies are based on psychology, communication, leadership, and business – universal principles – which can be applied to any industry or topic.

  • I like the idea of building this kind of business, but I don’t want to do the actual group coaching.  Should I still do this?

Yes! We will teach you how to hire, train, and manage a team of coaches who can do the coaching for you.  That’s how you can grow passive income and only participate in the things you want to do.

  • How much time do I need to invest each week?
  1. You should budget a minimum of 3.5 hours per week for 6 weeks for: o    Weekly 90-minute live webinar (or listen to the recording). o    Participate 15 minutes per day, 4 to 5 days per week, in your Finish Agent® group. o    You will also be participating in (2) 60-minute small group coaching calls – one at the beginning and one at the end of the course.
  2. In addition to the 3 hours above, you choose how much time* you want to invest in: o    working on your personal and professional goals in Finish Agent®. o    diving deeper into the resources that we provide. o    building your own group business.

*We recommend 30-60 minutes per day, 4-5 days per week. You will be amazed at how far you will go in just 6 weeks! The important factor is sustainable, consistent action (daily or at least 4-5 times per week).  It’s better to choose a smaller amount of time you can commit to without fail (and then do more if you choose) rather than to commit to a larger amount of time that may be unsustainable.  This is the key to healthy habits and goal achievement! You will do this, and you will teach your clients to do the same.

Your Investment in The Online Group Success System™ will quickly pay for itself.  

It’s possible to earn back more than your entire investment in your very first month of leading your groups.

This is a pilot program.  It’s the first time we have pooled all of our resources into one complete system that virtually guarantees your success, should you follow our steps.

Because this is a pilot, which includes a FREE LIFETIME LICENSE for Finish Agent® (normally $3,500), the investment will never be this low again.

The time to join is now.

The Online Group Success System™

Not just a Course — It’s an Experience!

Powered by Finish Agent® software


The Online Group Success System!

Registration for our fall program is now closed.

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We will never share your information!

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