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Get It Done!

Grow Your Business 


Finish Agent’s “Get-It-Done” Group Program™

Does any of this ring a bell?



  • You notice others growing their business faster than you


  • You paid for a course but never did anything with it


  • You’re embarrassed at how much you procrastinate 


  • You’re frustrated at how slowly you’re getting things done


  • You get distracted and jump from one shiny object to another, never finishing


  • You could make a lot more money if you could just take consistent action 


  • Your self-esteem drops as you accomplish less




  • You’ve been curious about Finish Agent and want to experience it!

Good News!

woman tells everyone the good newsIf you can commit just 15 minutes a day, 4-5 days per week, to work on building your business or working on a priority project, you will get massive benefits from joining us…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Join the Finish Agent “Get-It-Done” Group Program and You Will:


  • Learn how to focus on your most “procrastinated-on” but Important-to-You project


  • Be coached and supported on a daily basis


  • Be ACCOUNTABLE to your group and your coach for taking small, DAILY steps


  • Discover that small steps lead to massive results


  • Be part of a community of people like you


In other words, you will fundamentally change how you do your work.  

As a result, you will: 


  • 18196366 - happy business woman successWork less, but get more done


  • Get rid of that nagging feeling of guilt


  • Stop spending hours procrastinating


  • Know what it’s like to feel you’ve done your important work and you’re free to play!


  • Earn more money, and/or have more free time


  • Earn the satisfaction of finishing something!

The “Get-It-Done” Group Program is an Anti-Bootcamp!


No all-day work marathons, just techniques for regular, productive work. 


 Based on decades of research on how to maximize your productivity and creativity, while avoiding perfectionism, procrastination, and burn out


Learn Habits That Fit Into YOUR Life, That You’ll Use Every Day to Get Things Done!


“This is some of the best money I have ever spent in terms of value per dollar invested.”


man pointing

“This program is just what the doctor ordered. I have been working on a particular project (actually non-working) for a couple years.


I’ve gotten more done in 2 weeks than in the last two years altogether. Reason? The Get-It-Done Program teaches you to see your work in manageable, realistic units of accountable time instead of ‘things done.’


I’d say it is a demonstration of the journey being more important than the goal. Take care of the journey and the goal takes care of itself.


The other great thing is that one is given a community of like minds which holds you accountable, yet, encourages you and does not judge you.


This is some of the best money I have ever spent in terms of value per dollar invested. It is a great learning tool for overcoming procrastination in any area of your life. A gift that keeps on giving.”


~  David Smith, Get-It-Done Participant, October 2016

Here’s what is included in your Finish Agent “Get-It-Done” Group Program experience: 


  • 4 Weeks in your own small Finish Agent accountability group (and a larger community of peers)


  • Your own online group coach to make sure you stay on task and to encourage you and your group to stick to your small daily steps


  • Kick-off live, interactive, “Goal-Setting & Daily-Action Workshop & Orientation Webinar”: Monday, November 28 at Noon EST/ 11am CST/ 10am MT/ 9am PST/5pm GMT. (Don’t worry; it will be recorded for those who can’t attend live.)


  • Daily email reminders to keep you inspired, moving, and on track!


  • Live, real-time co-working sprints hosted by your coach, scattered throughout the week – work with others virtually at the same time


  • Weekly virtual office hours for Q&A and laser coaching on business, goal-setting, and other topics


  • Goal-setting video and worksheet


Medal of Honor Award

  • Win the FAME Award (Finish Agent Medal of Excellence)! It’s a participation reward  that we want everyone to earn! You can easily get a $50 credit towards a future Finish Agent program, product, or service by meeting our simple participation guidelines.  (For new members only.) 


  • Bonus! Short video series on how you can use Finish Agent in your business with real-world examples of programs and pricing and how to create recurring, passive income.
  • Bonus! “6-Figure Business Road Map” Course (videos and worksheets) 

All these features are clearly worth many hundreds of dollars 


The four weeks in Finish Agent; where you’ll be coached, held accountable, and will participate in live work sprints, and be able to visually track your progress, is worth at least $247 on it’s own.


Then the four office hours, the course, the daily reminders, goal-setting videos, kickoff goal-setting call, and bonus business building videos and exercises are worth many hundreds more; easily $597.


But your investment is going to be so small compared to the benefits you get!

ONLY $197!!!


And when you achieve the FAME award (for new members only), you will effectively end up paying


ONLY $147!!!  

Final Deadline is SUNDAY Nov. 27 at 9pm EST


Join the Finish Agent “Get-It-Done” Group Program now, and enjoy productivity habits for a lifetime!

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Hi! I’m Gina Hiatt, Ph.D., a Clinical Psychologist and expert in group coaching.

I created Finish Agent after having amazing success using my tools and techniques with academics who were procrastinating on writing.  


Many thousands of academics have been able to achieve beyond their wildest dreams, and I have hundreds of testimonials from them.


Here’s a typical testimonial that I recently received:


“When I signed up some time ago, I never imagined [the Academic Writing Club] would be as helpful as it is.”


The support environment created by [the AWC] is truly revolutionary. It creates a framework where I can consistently feel successful, and it helps me realize how common my worries are. My coach is amazing in her support of me and in providing tools for the whole group to try.”


~ “Blueoceangirl,” an academic at a University of California campus


Finish Agent’s “Get-It-Done” Group Program follows the same model and gives you the same results!

It starts Monday, Nov. 28 and runs until Sunday, Dec. 25 (although we discourage working on weekends and holidays!)


Yes, it spans the holidays, but that’s the point! You will learn how to take small steps daily, so that you can miss a day and feel proud of all that you’ve done.


More information below!


Find out how thousands have turned their productivity into gold!

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Can you imagine…


Anxious woman now happy

  • how good it will feel to have accomplished something “small but massive” every day, and how that momentum will multiply in all areas of your life?


  • finally getting that project doneyou know, the one that will make you more money if you could only work on it consistently?


  • creating a doable plan to generate more income?


    “It feels amazing to take small, yet massive steps each day.”



    “I feel really good about getting so much done today.


    My practice is feeding me, my writing is motivating me, and this format and the group is supporting my goals. It feels amazing to take small, yet massive steps each day.”


    Valerie Sorrentino



    Who is the Finish Agent “Get-It-Done” Group Program for?


    Finish Agent Group Accountability System

    • Any entrepreneur, coach, trainer, or teacher that has projects and goals with no external deadline


    • Anyone who procrastinates and needs help finishing (or working steadily on) a long-term project


    • Anyone frustrated by their personal lack of results


    • Anyone interested in using Finish Agent as a tool in their business



    “I’ve never created and launched anything like this that fast.”


    Melissa Williams-Pope“I participated in a 4-week Get-It-Done group, and in that short time, I created my own Finish Agent Program, and even wrote and designed the sales page.


    The accountability and encouragement made all the difference! I showed up for my work every day, with a goal and a timeline, and it happened – I did it!


    I’ve never created and launched anything like this that fast. Love the software. Seeing the progress visually is super effective, and I learned some important things about myself just from the graphs alone.”


    Melissa Williams-Pope
    Inspired Actionista Society


    Join the Finish Agent “Get-It-Done” Group Program now, and finally work on your MOST IMPORTANT projects!

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    “Finish Agent really kicks ass!”



    “It was an invaluable experience to be in a Finish Agent Get-It-Done group, both to understand what I will be offering my clients when I create my own Finish Agent groups, and as a learning experience for myself!

    On my personal goals, I got so much more done than I would have because of the structure. I did tasks even when I felt I had no time to concentrate on them. FA really kicks ass!…Not only that it builds confidence that you are progressing, that you can do it , and that it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, or all or nothing.”

    Nancy Gordon

    Join the Finish Agent “Get-It-Done” Group Program now, and get more done with less stress!


    This 4-week session runs
    Mon. Nov. 28* through Sun. Dec. 25

    Final Deadline to register:

    SUNDAY, November 27, at 9pm EST

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    More About the FAME Award


    The Finish Agent Medal of Excellence

    Medal of Honor Award

    Because we like to reward consistent action to build those powerful habits, NEW participants have the chance to EARN a $50 credit towards a future Finish Agent program, product, or service, if you participate fully according to our guidelines.



    We ask that you post your own progress and comment on 4 other group members progress a minimum of 4 days per week, which can easily be accomplished in less than 15 minutes per day. Additional doable guidelines apply and will be listed within the Finish Agent group site.



    Notice that we are rewarding you for participation, not for how much you accomplish in your work. That part is a reward in itself, which comes from within.

    Join the Finish Agent “Get-It-Done” Group Program now, and start planning your six-figure year!

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    We have limited spaces because of the time we put into our online coaching.  If you miss the deadline, we will be happy to put you on our waiting list!

    How does Finish Agent help you get on track and stay on track? 


    Features at a Glance:


    DAILY PROGRESS GRID:  The progress page is a unique and powerful feature that only Finish Agent provides. The grid helps you build and maintain a habit of daily work or practice, by providing progress tracking, accountability, and structure. You can see your progress at a glance, as well as that of your fellow group members.  Nothing like a green check mark to motivate you to do your small daily action! Finish Agent Progress Page
    DAILY COACHING QUESTIONS: Answer these simple but powerful questions each day, so you can log your progress or problems, reflect on your process, feel clear about your goals and daily actions, and be encouraged to take those small but important actions. feature-questions
    COACH AND PEER SUPPORT: You and your coach can read your fellow small group members’ responses and offer supportive comments.  It is SO motivating to hear from your peers each day, as they support, encourage, empathize or just witness your struggles and achievements! feature-comments
    DISCUSSION FORUMS: A place where you can go into more depth, get feedback on your efforts, and enter into discussions with people in your group and in other groups. feature-forums

    LIVE CHAT:  This is where we’ll host our live co-working sprints. You’ll be surprised at how fun and motivating they are, and how they help you get stuff done!


    GRAPHS:  Graphs are automatically generated from the numbers that you enter, and will help you track your progress and also see the group’s progress.  It’s inspiring to see how much you accomplish, in a visually graphic way.


    CLIENT PROFILES AND GOALS: Get to know each other right off the bat.  Declare your 4-week goals and decide on your small daily action and post it here. 


    Of course, you can learn more about Finish Agent by looking around this website, particularly the “Features” tab at top.


    Finish Agent is much more than the sum of its parts, which makes its power hard to explain.


    Join our Finish Agent “Get-It-Done” Group Program now, so you can learn the magic of Finish Agent while you get on track and stay on track!

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    Tell a Friend and You Both Win!


    Introduce someone to the Get-It-Done Program and receive $15 off for each of you!

    Just 3 easy steps:


    1. Send the coupon code REFERME to a friend
    2. Sign yourself up (or mail help@finishagent.com to get the credit applied to your account)
    3. When you and/or your friend check out, enter REFERME in the coupon code, click “Apply;” then in the Comments section, give us both your names.


    Note #1: For the discount to apply, both of you must either be current or new members of the Get-It-Done Program. So find a friend and join together — you both can use the coupon code!


    Note #2: Coupon codes cannot be combined – only one per member.


    Easy, helpful, and profitable, all in one small step! So what are you waiting for?

    Send them the following link, with the above instructions, now!

    The Get-It-Done Group Program

    Questions? We welcome them! Just write us at info@finishagent.com.