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Get Rich Slowly and You’ll Get There Faster

A lot of innovative and highly effective ideas begin by turning ideas on their head.

Here is one of my favorites. Turn this:

  • “Get High End Clients and Make Big Money Fast!”

Into this:

  • “Offer Medium Price, High Value Services and Get Rich Slowly

Of course, everybody wants to get rich fast. But there is no free lunch. The “get rich slowly” route, is slow, but predictable, and leads to recurring income that can take you to retirement and beyond.

And what do I mean by “slowly?” I mean not overnight or next month, in some magical win-the-lottery way. I mean by building your business and over the months, adding more and more happy clients who stay with you. So within a couple of years, you can have significant predictable, recurring income.

Why shouldn’t we all try to get high-end clients?

  • It usually does NOT lead to success. I don’t know about you, but I have met many, many entrepreneurs who have gone the “high-end-client-big-money-fast” route, and who have given up.
  • They are hard to find and harder to contact. It’s hard to get high-end clients.
  • This is not an ideal market for an unknown. It’s certainly more difficult to sell to them when you’re new.
  • Your reach is limited. Fewer people hear your message and get results from your work.
  • This model doesn’t lead to predictable income. Your income usually sways way up or way down.

What if, instead, you could base your business on groups of clients all taking small daily steps towards their goals?

I know – it’s not flashy and it’s not sexy. And it may only attract savvy coaches who aren’t swayed by big promises that lead to disappointment.

But what is sexy is results! When your clients get actual results, they:

  1. Shout their happiness to the world. In my program, The Online Group Success System (TOGSS), in which clients work on their goals in Finish Agent (FA), a client recently wrote:

“I feel really good about getting so much done today. My practice is feeding me, writing is motivating me, this format and the group is supporting my goals. So, yes, it feels amazing to take small, yet massive steps each day.”

Valerie Sorrentino
The Simple Art of Manifesting

2. Continue to spend money on you! Yes, Client Retention is the new black! It’s quietly sexy, and results in collecting money without you having to constantly look for new prospects (of course, you do, but you’re not desperate). Here is an example:

o  I just gave a 6- week course for $997, in which 29 people participated. Starting Week 2, they logged their daily progress in Finish Agent.

o  At the end of Week 5, I offered a $97 per 4-week session continuity session.

o  Guess how many people, out of 29 participants, are now in my Finish Agent accountability, with automatic recurring payments every 4 weeks?

o  Enter your guess here: ____________________

o  Here’s the answer: 20! Yes, 2/3 of the participants signed up!

o  That’s almost $2000 in additional recurring monthly income. In the future, I can hire coaches (we already have 10 ready to be trained) to run these groups, and they can become ongoing sources of passive income.

This is all from just one course!

In subsequent posts, I’m going to give you more information about the Get Rich Slowly method, and how it will actually get you there faster.

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Could you run online coaching groups based on taking action and building habits? Revised self-assessment now available!

How would you like to have 50+ clients in your online group who stay for over 5 years?

Or what if over the course of the next few years, you have 450 clients who stay at least 1.77 years?

I’m experiencing exactly these numbers with my own online small-group accountability membership site.

How did I create this membership site and get such fabulous retention numbers?

By running Online Get-it-Done Coaching Groups™.

Would you like to do the same? You can, if you have a coaching or training practice that works with my business model.

And good news! I’m going to be making the Finish Agent software available for free as part of a low-fee pilot course I will soon be teaching, so stay tuned!

Taking this assessment will let you know whether you should sign up for my pilot. It’s a simple self-assessment; revised to reflect all that I’ve learned in the past couple of years.

There is no “right” or “wrong” – you’re trying to assess honestly whether this could work for you and your people.

Answer Yes or No to each question. Give yourself a point for each Yes.


Could I run an Online Get-it-Done Coaching Group™ or an
Online Habit-Building Coaching Group™?

  1. I have experience doing one-on-one coaching.
  2. My clients want either a long-term transformation (Habit Building) (e.g. improve their fitness, spiritual life, organizing), or want to achieve a tangible long-term goal (Big Project) (e.g. build a business, write a book, work on marketing).
  3. My clients could benefit from daily practice with either habit building (e.g. daily spiritual practice or daily exercise/eating habits) or from taking small daily steps on their Big Project so they keep moving towards their goal (e.g. do specific business-building activities each day, write for 30 minutes a day, spend 45 minutes a day on social media).
  4. There is an upper limit on how much I can earn.
  5. I’d like to have a highly effective but lower fee service for people who don’t want to pay for high-end services.
  6. I believe I could get at least 5 paying clients to join a 4-week Get-it-Done or Habit-Change Online Coaching Group for $97.
  7. I’ve had clients finish individual coaching with me, but who would still like to work with my community and me. Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer them.
  8. I have a high-end group, and they need more effective accountability.
  9. When I’ve run groups or taught classes, I’ve noticed that most clients don’t take action and don’t get results.
  10. I want to stand out from all the other coaches or trainers in my niche
  11. I have high-end clients who would love to have one-on-one daily online accountability with either my coaches or me.
  12. I’m tired of keeping individual or group clients accountable, when week after week they have excuses for their procrastination.
  13. I need more predictable income
  14. I would LOVE to leverage my time – work less and earn more, while helping more people.
  15. My clients would love to have an ongoing community that supports them in doing the work needed to reach their transformation.
  16. I know how important client retention is, and I wish I could keep my clients longer.
  17. I’m flexible enough to learn a new way of running a coaching business.
  18. I’m willing to do new things I haven’t tried before.
  19. I need a continuity program (a place to serve your clients, usually at a lower fee, after your seminar ends).
  20. I’d love to be able to help more people and get my message out to the world.
  21. I’m tired of my own procrastination and I want to find a way to take major action to build my coaching business.

Write down how many times you answered, “Yes.”


  • You must have answered, “Yes” to questions 1 through 3. If you have no coaching experience, don’t coach people with either Habit Change or Big Project goals, then you wouldn’t want to run an “Online Get-it-Done Coaching Group” or a “Habit-Building Also, if it makes no sense to break your clients’ goals into daily actions, then it wouldn’t work with this system.
  • If you answered Yes to at least 10 of the questions (including 1-3), then you are perfectly set to run Online Get-it-Done or Habit-Building Coaching Groups!
  • If you answered, “Yes” to 6-9 of the questions (including 1-3, then I would keep an open mind and keep reading this blog. Maybe this is the first time you’ve run into this point of view before, and you may need more time to realize that this may be the perfect way for you to help your clients achieve more and for you to make more money while you’re at it.
  • If you answered, “Yes” to 5 or less, then this business model may not be right for you at this time. That’s OK! This blog is full of useful information that you can apply in your business.
  • If you have any questions of your own, you can always contact me, Gina Hiatt, at info@finishagent.com.

Please share your results below, add comments and ask questions!






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